Barry M Silver Multi Glitter – thanks to alelvi123 for this gorgeous piece of work!

Sinful Colors Charmed – a PFF to Barry M in every sense, including terrific formula

NOPI Look at Me, Look at Me – think this was a Target exclusive back in 2012?  I sat on my hands for her when I found out alelvi123 was procuring Barry M for me.  When I recently spotted her at a discount retailer, I succumbed to a fit of nostalgia and snatched her up. She reads cooler and darker than the true PFFs above.

Innisfree 102 – Cherry Blossom, from the Poem Nail collection.  This is not just silver, it’s gold, silver, pink, blue… a la the DL mermaids, but better.

2x each on the nail wheel

xx sparklin’ blueberry milk tea