De todo un poco

Spoils of my celebratory, self-congratulatory end-of-workweek discount retailer haul:


First off, the blues:

Orly Midnight Show, Fall 2015, $4 USD

SpaRitual Midnight Stroll, Fall 2013, $3 USD

From Spring 2014 Les Blancs:  Mint Glacee, Sweet Lilac, A La Meringue

$2 USD each.  My collection of all six Les Blancs is now complete!

OPI Sheer Tints, Spring 2014 (I culled this information online from several sources, but only remember these being introduced to the market in my area in Spring 2015.  I held out for the Essie versions instead, but never saw the full size bottles anywhere, only the mini quad…)

OPI Peanuts, Hallowe’en 2014

I’m Never Amberrassed, $4 USD

I Can Teal You Like Me, $4 USD

Where’s My Blanket???, $4 USD

To Be Or Not To Beagle, $4 USD

Limo-Scene, salon label, $4 USD

Brides No Grooms, Bridal 2015, $4 USD

Happy Wife, Happy Life, Bridal 2015, $4 USD

By choice, I now only lack one member of the Essie Bridal 2015 collection … 🙂

Fade Into Hue

Keep Calm, Paint On

Both from Avant Garden Spring 2013, $3 USD each

Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Candy Drops, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Make A Splash (no shimmer, I’ve seen versions with and sans shimmer), 2015

Sally Hansen CSM Perfect Pair, Bridal 2015

All, $2 USD


The most laborious phase of this haul was peeling off the sticky residue from the huge, messy price labels.

I grabbed thick, clear strips of shipping tape to help with this task.

Not one of these bottles, however, had leaked or been opened or tested.

I’ve been disappointed of late in receiving some quite pricey (and supposedly new) varnishes in the post that I’ve had to give a good douse of acetone ’round the gunky necks… so this was a surprisingly refreshing and rewarding shopping excursion!

Background is Fudge magazine (August 2015), Miu Miu pre-Fall 2015 editorial

Flowered mini-tote is from a Milkfed (Sofia Coppola’s Japan-only brand) 2011 mook

xx blueberry milk tea

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