Dior Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise collection, 001 Samba nail duo, $29 USD

Dior dupes

Sinful Shine and Sinful Colors, discovered randomly thrown together in an uncorresponding Sinful Colors display, $3 and $2 USD each

Whenever I find myself in relatively stable financial condition, I become nostalgic and start to reminisce over my unfulfilled varnish yearnings of economically lean years past.

In Summer 2013, I wasn’t *that* broke, yet while the Dior 001 Samba duo was still available at a reasonable-for-a-luxury-brand price, I was content to simply window shop and procrastinate staking my claim.  Wasn’t too wild about that green (402), and I couldn’t make up my mind about whether I preferred to save my shekels for Chanel Azure… so I ended up with neither.

Whilst on a series of drugstore sprees last week, filling (subjective) gaps and (perceived) holes in my varnish collection, I was instantly reminded of the Dior Samba duo when I saw these two in tandem.

Better for me, as I prefer everything about Rendezvous to its Dior 402 counterpart, and since I already own an abundance of Palm Breezy-type shades, there’s no compelling reason to spring for something obsolete and pricier a la Dior 794 or Chanel Azure.

Sinful Shine Rendezvous has long disappeared from drugstores.  This was the lone bottle on shelf, and the only one I’ve seen this year!

xx blueberry milk tea *doing a happy samba*