PFF Series: Oil slick rainbow complex gold microshimmers

Estee Lauder Explosif, NOPI For Gold Times’ Sake, GOSH Galaxy

Methinks all three came out in 2012 …

These are among my most prized varnishes.

I have a backup of NOPI, obtained in swap.

Explosif is the most gold-green, leaning lighter and seemingly more finely ground than the other two.

NOPI was my first of the three, and still my favourite.

GOSH Galaxy is one of the most gorgeous varnishes I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Galaxy seems a mite grainier than NOPI, in my estimation.

3x each

You don’t need all three, surely.  But if you have none, then you do need at least one!

xx *gleam gleam* blueberry milk tea

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