The latest chapter (Part 3) to this, this, this and this.




Encore Margot

Fonteyn (this leans very lilac, visible in indoor swatches below)

You Can’t Turn a Ho-lo into a Housewife (dusky grey Technicolor, almost like a black and white TV that is trying with all its might to be colour!)

Out the Door Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat “Silver”

Nails Inc. Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat

OPI My Voice is a Little Norse

Above and below, from farthest left:

All, 2x:

1 – Out the Door Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat “Silver”

2 – Nails Inc. Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat

3 – OPI My Voice is a Little Norse

4 – blank

5 – China Glaze Sexagon

6 – blank

7 – China Glaze OMG

8 – China Glaze Hologram (mislabeled below as Hologlam :/)

9 – A-England Encore Margot

10 – A-England Fonteyn

11 – Jindie Nails You Can’t Turn a Ho-lo into a Housewife

The two blank chips are for the following comparisons:

OPI My Voice is a Little Norse v. Sation Holiday Spirit (and Impala Army Na Mira 3D, which unfortunately was an afterthought :/)

China Glaze Sexagon v. OPI DS Coronation (no bottle shot including the latter since it was aesthetically destroyed in myriad afternoon-long attempts to open its stuck cap … from freezer, to refrigerator, to hot running tap water, to multiple rubber bands, and finally … a maneuver with a lone rubber glove proved successful)

One of the perils of owning too many varnishes (and a definite first-world problem at that) is occasionally forgetting your prior purchasing rationales and resolve.

I had never liked the graininess, grittiness or darker jelly base of OPI …Norse, and was perfectly content to own the mini version as part of the Little Northies set.

Besides, I was still loaded up with two bottles of Sation Holiday Spirit and two bottles of Impala Army Na Mira 3D, both which appeared on the scene long before the Nordic collection.

Recently, however, I was at Sally Beauty and itching to buy something.  Thus, a full-size bottle of …Norse found its way home to my silver holo drawer. :/

In comparison to OPI …Norse, Sation has a brown jelly base with less dense glitter, yet its glitter is definitely sparklier and more rainbow holo.

Impala is smoother (less gritty) than the other two, possessing both a scattered and linear holo, along with the added bonus of a beautiful rosy sheen.

Above and below … OPI DS Coronation rewarded neither my Saturday spent toiling nor my sore hands.

DS Coronation *is* a very scattered moody holo, but China Glaze Sexagon’s scattered larger holo particles (although they look similar to DS Coronation’s size in the bottle) also produce a visible linear holo — without any effort at all to get the light just so.

Of course, by the time I was able to get ‘er open, swatch the chip and take photos, daylight was fading fast!

OMG is smooth, subtle linear holo flame perfection.

Think I’ve a dud Hologram, though.  Akin to my Nfu-Oh 61 …

Yet the sublime beauty of A-England and Jindie Nails counteract any disappointment re the duds, n’est-ce pas? 🙂

I’ll do new-in purple holos next, to continue on this wheel …

xx blueberry milk tea