Sweater weather

Late in the evening on Christmas Day, I happened to look something up online (must have been varnish-related) and inadvertently spotted swatches of some gorgeous shade a la the multichromatic satin of Cinderella’s ball gown, yet not as saturated, not as periwinkle.

Turns out it was a member of the Cinderella Orly Color Blast collection, recalled from Walgreens stores in December, yet to be seen again.

I immediately hightailed it to two different stores on December 25, where I was greeted with blank stares upon inquiry, but I still ended up with Cinderella cotton swabs and a Cinderella highlighter + brush (all are fabulous, btw).

A few days later, I even ventured to the best-indoor (merchandise) yet worst-outdoor (vagrants, panhandlers) Walgreens in my area.

There, the SA knew exactly what I was talking about.

She casually related that all Cinderella Orly Color Blast merch was in the back, waiting until further notice from HQ to reshelve.

This information must have provoked a frightful facial expression from an elated me, as she immediately followed up by telling me that the products will not scan at the register until restock is approved.

Hence, I’ve been stalking Walgreens every chance I get, and I always (darn it!) leave with varnishes that are not the Cinderella darlings for which I came in …

From the untouched display of a L’Oreal festival-themed collection:  235 Boho Babe, 233 Sunkissed Silver, 243 Blissful Blue

Two coats each

Again, 2x each

I had to ask a clerk to get these down from an overhead display, and each escorted-to-the-cash-register bottle was covered in security stickers …

Barry M Confetti Marshmallow, SH Fuzzy Coat Wool Lite

2-3x each

I had Barry M first since I couldn’t bring myself to pay almost $7 USD for a monotone SH.

Yesterday, I spotted Wool Lite at Walgreens for around $1.50 USD, on clearance, last bottle, you know how it goes …

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Fuzz-sea, from same Walgreens clearance, USD $1.50

Two coats, in the middle, over L’Oreal Sunkissed Silver

China Glaze All a Flutter, also recently purchased on clearance

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat All Yarned Up, received free due to coupon stacking when it first came out

I was on the verge of purchasing the Barry M versions of Fuzz-sea and AYU, but I’m glad I didn’t …

… winter is too long to wear ugly varnishes, lol!

Above, L to R:

Barry M Marshmallow over L’Oreal Boho Babe

SH Wool Lite over L’Oreal Sunkissed Silver (my favourite combo)

ChG All a Flutter over L’Oreal Blissful Blue

SH All Yarned Up over L’Oreal Blissful Blue

xx blueberry milk tea (stay warm + fuzzy!)

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