Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro – Dirty Little Secret, $20 USD

Sinful Shine – Prosecco, between $2-3 USD

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro – Get Lucky, $20 USD

Sinful Shine – Blue Suede Shoes, between $2-3 USD

Above, at one coat each

Dirty Little Secret is sheerest sandy beige, with a subtle gold-tinged scattered and faint linear holo

Prosecco is opaque and leans greyer, with tonnes of greengold shimmer

Would that all new Lippmanns had this faboo brush (or do they?)!

Hmm … we can always dip as a Dirty Little Secret the Lippman brush into Prosecco since we own both 🙂

Is this new brush not a thing of beauty?

Above, all at one coat

Above from left:

Dirty Little Secret, 2x

Prosecco, 3x

Get Lucky, 2x

Blue Suede Shoes, 3x

Some non-gel Butter London comparison friends

All Hail McQueen (love you forever and always, genius mate! xx respects) is the closest weak scattered holo I have to Dirty Little Secret, although he’s obviously a warmer, toastier beige

Artful Dodger is less saturated, more muted than the gel varnishes

xx blueberry milk tea $$