Rich girl, poor girl: Sephora v. Target

Givenchy Mandarine Bolero, $22 USD

Sonia Kashuk Knock Out Beauty collection – On the Ropes, $5 USD

2x each … SK is just a wee hair lighter than Giv

Both formulae appear impeccable upon painting the nail wheel.

I had initially picked up both SK varnishes from this collection – yes, that dark blurple crelly a la Chanel Sunrise Trip – but had to return them, as the brushes themselves were as daunting and impossibly crooked as the rattlesnake on the bottle.

I was only able to replace one (with the bottle you see above).  In the past few months during my random Target jaunts, I’ve yet to open a bottle of SK’s version of Sunrise Trip that has a proper brush :/

Keeping my fingers crossed, meanwhile.

Background is an Orla Kiely print notebook.

xx blueberry milk tea

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