Gorgeous OPI jolie laides, part I

When plucking various bottles for the OPI Washington D.C. comparison, I ended up with quite a few that didn’t fit.

But I liked them so much, I swatched them separately anyhow … so they get their very own posts!

Skull & Glossbones, French Quarter for Your Thoughts, Suzi Takes the Wheel, A-Taupe the Space Needle

I pulled out the three greys above in particular, thinking to compare them to the Washington D.C. limited edition Liv in the Gray, especially since Liv in the Gray has greener undertones.

However, Skull & Glossbones is just too light, French Quarter for Your Thoughts leans rather lavender next to its neighbours, and I’m still in doubt as to whether Suzi Takes the Wheel should be housed with my greys or my greens …

So I ended up comparing Liv in the Gray to the much cooler, bluer-leaning Cement the Deal and Embrace the Grey …

… all the while staring at these four, wondering how it was that I managed to hold out so long on Pirates of the Caribbean and Touring America shades.

In fact, I’ve just recently purchased each of these separately, at a deep discount … I had swapped for Skull & Glossbones long ago and gave it away untried :/

All swatches are two perfectly smooth coats.

*Sigh*  I’ve fallen in love with OPI all over again.

xx blueberry milk tea

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