Collections: OPI California Dreaming, Part I

Here are 8 of the 10 that I bought (with high hopes since last year :/) of the 12 which comprise this collection.

Two have gone missing since these were purchased back in mid-April 2017 — GPS and Mouse House.

I never use GPS, nor do I ever set foot at Disneyland.

When initially received, I was disappointed and planned to get rid of all of them, but had a recent change of heart after going to a beauty supply for the China Glaze My Little Ponies and seeing how attractive and appealing the OPI California Dreaming display looked in person.

Now I might consider adding Carmel and even Yosemite to complete the collection, if I can find them later on at a discounter.

Meanwhile, I trekked over to the varnish warehouse and unearthed what you see below, but GPS and Mouse House must have been left behind. So they’ll comprise Part II, whenever I find them …

Feeling Frisco; Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia; Excuse Me, Big Sur

Time for a Napa; Malibu Pier Pressure; This is Not Whine Country

These three are turned around since Malibu Pier Pressure’s pigments have separated in front and I couldn’t get them to mix for the camera …

Santa Monica Beach Peach; Me, Myselfie & I

xx zzz blueberry milk tea

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