Catching up with Essie, Fall 2016 – 2017

Whatcha been doin’?

As the song goes, lookin’ back, lookin’ back, lookin’ back …

Here’s a retrospective from this Fall season to last (I wasn’t interested in either Summer 2017 or Winter 2016-2017):


Fall 2017 As If (what I bought, 3 of the 6):

1936 As If!
1937 Knee-High Life
1939 Mixtaupe

Purchased at Rite Aid in August 2017

I’d like to buy the pink from this collex, if only to compare it to the pink from Spring 2017 …


Wild Nudes 2017

1001 Skinny Dip
1003 Bare With Me
1005 Wild Nude
1007 Without a Stitch


1009 Mooning
1011 Exposed
1015 Clothing Optional
1017 Winning Streak

Purchased all but the first two from a full display on an early summer trip to Rite Aid; went back shortly thereafter for the first two … and the display was almost cleaned out! These are all so beautiful, much more than they appear here. The subtlety is very similar to what I see Japanese brands produce, like Smelly (Urban Research), Addiction or Three.


Resort 2017

1916 Resort Romanza
1917 Strike a Pose-itano
1918 Ciao Effect
1919 Sorrento Yourself

Purchased in early April 2017 from Target. I didn’t know anything about this collection (I thought Resort collections were issued between Winter and Spring, and I had bought Essie Spring back in February 2017?); initially, I had found these mixed in with a bunch of unrelated colours and was really confused. But I quickly got myself sorted upon my next trip to a different locale, and scooped up all four from their dedicated display, especially since I hadn’t seen these anywhere else but at Target stores.


Spring 2017, B’aha Moment

1047 On the Roadie
1048 Excuse Me, Sur
1049 Backseat Besties


1050 B’aha Moment!
1051 Designated DJ
1052 All the Wave

Purchased February 2017 from the auction site … I had thought I’d be passing on this collection; the price must have been irresistible 🙂


Fall 2016, Kimono Over

997 Maki Me Happy
996 Playing Koi
998 Kimono Over


999 Now & Zen
1001 Udon Know Me
1002 Go Go Geisha

Purchased in August 2016 from the auction site. I had seen this collection much earlier at CVS in a reduced display of four, and even then I knew I wanted the whole enchilada!

Immediately after purchase, I did a manicure with all six of these based on a design I had seen in a Japanese nail book. Still loving this collection to pieces!


For the comparisons, I’ve limited myself to the Essie shades within this post:


Resort Romance, B’aha Moment, Knee-High Life, Maki Me Happy


2x each:  Resort Romance, B’aha Moment, Knee-High Life, Maki Me Happy


Designated DJ, Kimono Over


2x each: Designated DJ, Kimono Over


Kimono Over, Winning Streak, Ciao Effect


2x each: Kimono Over, Winning Streak, Ciao Effect

To be continued tomorrow … I’m out of light (and energy).

Be sure to check back for the updated post, honoured café patron!

xx blueberry milk tea 

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