Collections: Essie Spring 2018

Bon Boy-age.

Yeah. That’s exactly what I said five times in succession, after putting on, taking off … Five. Times. In. A. Row.

Not sure if it was the captain of the ship or the waters, but this endeavour was no pleasure cruise.

Au contraire, a waste of a perfectly good afternoon.

At least I managed to snap a couple of photos amid the frustration.

1500 Bon Boy-age
1501 Perfect Mate
1502 At the Helm
1503 Pass-port to Sail
1504 Anchor Down
1505 Stripes & Sails

All in One (in my case, five). By the time I was done, the level went down to below the “all in one” line. 😕

I tried Pass-port to Sail as a base for the other five colours to be brushed onto horizontally, a yarn manicure sans yarn.

PtS was streaky at one coat, impossible at two.

Although my efforts ended up as an hours-long epic fail, I still have hope for my initial idea.

Sigh. These colours are just so pretty in the bottle …

xx (x5) blueberry milk tea

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