Seven summers ago, or so

… the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection had hit the scene 🙂

In honour of the advent around that period of my burgeoning interest in all things varnish, here’s a comparison series of each member of the POTC collex, in numerical order.

First up, Skull & Glossbones (NL P13)

Nubar Faded Putty, Fall 2011
SH CSM 865 Winter Sky, Fall 2015
OPI Skull & Glossbones, POTC 2011
China Glaze The Giver Five Rules, Fall 2014
Orly Highlight, Smoky 2014

All swatches, three coats

I’ve not been posting much for several logistical reasons: limited storage (nor do I intend to renew my pricey plan this August), lack of speed and bandwidth (images take forever to upload, then when a post is completed, I’m not able to see the entire thing until my plan resets around the beginning of each month and only lasts a few days at sufficient speed to load every image).

My way around this until mid-August (after that, I’ll likely just update pages and add more lists, which are mainly for my personal use when out shopping so I know what I’ve already purchased) will be to limit the images in and length of each post, and compose solely on my iPad.

In short, no fun 😦

Before then, however, I do intend to compare the entire POTC collection in individual posts, and then some 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea (creatively crushed)