Cosnova inventory — Catrice

In current rotation as of January 2018:


After Eight
Am I Green or Am I Blue?
Aretha’s RESPINK
Attracting Camouflage – Revoltaire LE
Be Natural – NEONaturals LE
Berry Potter & Plumbledore (2014)
Biscuits & Cupcakes – Urban Baroque LE
Blue Cara Ciao

Ultimate Nudes #2

Be Indiglow – Bohemia LE
Bloody Mary to Go
Blue Highway – Hip Trip LE
Bonjour Cherie! – Ultimate Nudes 2013
Bruno Brownani
Butterfly Kiss – Kaviar Gauche LE
Captain Sparrow’s Boat
Caught on the Red Carpet
Colour Bomb – Revoltaire LE
Cool Wonder – Kaviar Gauche LE
Cloud Nine
Crispy Crimson – Expect the Unexpected LE
Dance In Gion – Neo Geisha LE
Dirty Berry
Discreet Artist – Neo Geisha LE
Electrix Blue – Haute Future LE
Enjoy Me – NEONaturals LE
Even More Heavy Metallilac (2013)
Fred Said Red
From Dusk to Dawn [both versions]
Frosting Top Coat
Gem into the Future – Haute Future LE
Godfather of Pearl
Galilacxy – Haute Future LE
Green Days – Hip Trip LE
Greige! The New Beige
Greys Kelly
Greyzy in Love
Have An Ice Day – Million Styles top coat
Holo Que Tal? – Million Styles top coat
Honey Blossom – Kaviar Gauche LE
How I Matt Your Mother
Hugo Moss (2013)
Irosedescent – Haute Future LE
I Sea You!
Innocent Toxin – Revoltaire LE
It’s All I Can Blue
Jade is Not My Name
Karl Says Tres Chic – Ultimate Nudes (original version and 2014 version)
King of Greens
Lana del Grey
Lilactric (2013)
Looking Grey-t – Expect the Unexpected LE
Lost In Mud
Love Me Tender – Kaviar Gauche LE
LOVEnder – Celtica LE
Lucky in Lilac
Madam Butterfly – Neo Geisha LE

Catrice bluegreens

Meet Me A Paris – 2014 core version
Meet Me at Coral Island
Meet Rosy – Une, Deux, Trois LE
Minter Wonderland (2014)
Mona Lisa Is Staring Back – Ultimate Nudes
Moulin Rouge Light – Ultimate Nudes
No Snow Petrol
Nude – FeMALE LE
Nude & Rude – Hip Trip LE
Paralilac – Celtica LE
Paris – Big City Life 2012
Pearls & Chains – Urban Baroque LE
Petit Four As Dessert – Ultimate Nudes
Petrolpolitan (2013)
Picked Cherry Blossoms – Neo Geisha LE
Pimp My Shrimp
Pinkroque – Arts Collection LE
Planet Tokyo – Neo Geisha LE
Poison Me, Poison You
Pool Party At Night
Princess & Ballerina – Urban Baroque LE
Pure Blue – Nude Purism LE
Raspberryfields Forever
Red Butler – Fabulous 40ties LE
Reggaeton – Cucuba LE
Rest in the Forest – Siberian Call LE
Return of Space Cowboys – Million Styles top coat
Robert’s Red Ford
Robinson Coralsoe
Rock Barock – Urban Baroque LE

Catrice pinkypeaches

Rosy One More Time (2013)
Run Forest Run! [dark version]
Salmon & Garfunkel
San Francisco – BCL 2012
Sing, Hey Dirty Lilah!
Sir! Yes Sir!
Sky & Seine – Ultimate Nudes
Sky and Snow – Siberian Call LE
Spruced Up – Expect the Unexpected LE
Squeeze Me (2013)
Steel My Soul
Summer Nights’ Sky
Sydney – BCL 2011
The Dark Knight (2013)
The Effect Maker (2013)
The Nude Scene – Fabulous 40ties LE
The Pinky and the Brain
The Salmon Dance – Hip Trip LE
The Sky So Fly

Catrice purples

Walk On Air – Hidden World LE
Welcome to Roosywood
Wheels on Fire – Hip Trip LE
Wonderland Green Card – Enter Wonderland LE
Yellow Sub-mandarin
You R On My Mint

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