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Seven summers ago, or so

… the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection had hit the scene 🙂

In honour of the advent around that period of my burgeoning interest in all things varnish, here’s a comparison series of each member of the POTC collex, in numerical order.

First up, Skull & Glossbones (NL P13)

Nubar Faded Putty, Fall 2011
SH CSM 865 Winter Sky, Fall 2015
OPI Skull & Glossbones, POTC 2011
China Glaze The Giver Five Rules, Fall 2014
Orly Highlight, Smoky 2014

All swatches, three coats

I’ve not been posting much for several logistical reasons: limited storage (nor do I intend to renew my pricey plan this August), lack of speed and bandwidth (images take forever to upload, then when a post is completed, I’m not able to see the entire thing until my plan resets around the beginning of each month and only lasts a few days at sufficient speed to load every image).

My way around this until mid-August (after that, I’ll likely just update pages and add more lists, which are mainly for my personal use when out shopping so I know what I’ve already purchased) will be to limit the images in and length of each post, and compose solely on my iPad.

In short, no fun 😦

Before then, however, I do intend to compare the entire POTC collection in individual posts, and then some 🙂

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Collections: Essie Spring 2018

Bon Boy-age.

Yeah. That’s exactly what I said five times in succession, after putting on, taking off … Five. Times. In. A. Row.

Not sure if it was the captain of the ship or the waters, but this endeavour was no pleasure cruise.

Au contraire, a waste of a perfectly good afternoon.

At least I managed to snap a couple of photos amid the frustration.

1500 Bon Boy-age
1501 Perfect Mate
1502 At the Helm
1503 Pass-port to Sail
1504 Anchor Down
1505 Stripes & Sails

All in One (in my case, five). By the time I was done, the level went down to below the “all in one” line. 😕

I tried Pass-port to Sail as a base for the other five colours to be brushed onto horizontally, a yarn manicure sans yarn.

PtS was streaky at one coat, impossible at two.

Although my efforts ended up as an hours-long epic fail, I still have hope for my initial idea.

Sigh. These colours are just so pretty in the bottle …

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Catching up with Essie, Fall 2016 – 2017

Whatcha been doin’?

As the song goes, lookin’ back, lookin’ back, lookin’ back …

Here’s a retrospective from this Fall season to last (I wasn’t interested in either Summer 2017 or Winter 2016-2017):


Fall 2017 As If (what I bought, 3 of the 6):

1936 As If!
1937 Knee-High Life
1939 Mixtaupe

Purchased at Rite Aid in August 2017

I’d like to buy the pink from this collex, if only to compare it to the pink from Spring 2017 …


Wild Nudes 2017

1001 Skinny Dip
1003 Bare With Me
1005 Wild Nude
1007 Without a Stitch


1009 Mooning
1011 Exposed
1015 Clothing Optional
1017 Winning Streak

Purchased all but the first two from a full display on an early summer trip to Rite Aid; went back shortly thereafter for the first two … and the display was almost cleaned out! These are all so beautiful, much more than they appear here. The subtlety is very similar to what I see Japanese brands produce, like Smelly (Urban Research), Addiction or Three.


Resort 2017

1916 Resort Romanza
1917 Strike a Pose-itano
1918 Ciao Effect
1919 Sorrento Yourself

Purchased in early April 2017 from Target. I didn’t know anything about this collection (I thought Resort collections were issued between Winter and Spring, and I had bought Essie Spring back in February 2017?); initially, I had found these mixed in with a bunch of unrelated colours and was really confused. But I quickly got myself sorted upon my next trip to a different locale, and scooped up all four from their dedicated display, especially since I hadn’t seen these anywhere else but at Target stores.


Spring 2017, B’aha Moment

1047 On the Roadie
1048 Excuse Me, Sur
1049 Backseat Besties


1050 B’aha Moment!
1051 Designated DJ
1052 All the Wave

Purchased February 2017 from the auction site … I had thought I’d be passing on this collection; the price must have been irresistible 🙂


Fall 2016, Kimono Over

997 Maki Me Happy
996 Playing Koi
998 Kimono Over


999 Now & Zen
1001 Udon Know Me
1002 Go Go Geisha

Purchased in August 2016 from the auction site. I had seen this collection much earlier at CVS in a reduced display of four, and even then I knew I wanted the whole enchilada!

Immediately after purchase, I did a manicure with all six of these based on a design I had seen in a Japanese nail book. Still loving this collection to pieces!


For the comparisons, I’ve limited myself to the Essie shades within this post:


Resort Romance, B’aha Moment, Knee-High Life, Maki Me Happy


2x each:  Resort Romance, B’aha Moment, Knee-High Life, Maki Me Happy


Designated DJ, Kimono Over


2x each: Designated DJ, Kimono Over


Kimono Over, Winning Streak, Ciao Effect


2x each: Kimono Over, Winning Streak, Ciao Effect

To be continued tomorrow … I’m out of light (and energy).

Be sure to check back for the updated post, honoured café patron!

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Collections: OPI California Dreaming, Part I

Here are 8 of the 10 that I bought (with high hopes since last year :/) of the 12 which comprise this collection.

Two have gone missing since these were purchased back in mid-April 2017 — GPS and Mouse House.

I never use GPS, nor do I ever set foot at Disneyland.

When initially received, I was disappointed and planned to get rid of all of them, but had a recent change of heart after going to a beauty supply for the China Glaze My Little Ponies and seeing how attractive and appealing the OPI California Dreaming display looked in person.

Now I might consider adding Carmel and even Yosemite to complete the collection, if I can find them later on at a discounter.

Meanwhile, I trekked over to the varnish warehouse and unearthed what you see below, but GPS and Mouse House must have been left behind. So they’ll comprise Part II, whenever I find them …

Feeling Frisco; Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia; Excuse Me, Big Sur

Time for a Napa; Malibu Pier Pressure; This is Not Whine Country

These three are turned around since Malibu Pier Pressure’s pigments have separated in front and I couldn’t get them to mix for the camera …

Santa Monica Beach Peach; Me, Myselfie & I

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Collections: JulieG Bohemian Dreams

These six bottles have been living in my bedroom for a good month now — they fit right in with the scene!

Aria, Eden, Faith, Henna, Harmony, Karma

Aria, Eden, Faith

Henna, Harmony, Karma

Aria – named after the Pretty Little Liars character?






Available on a very appealing small end-cap display in American Rite Aid stores; also on the Jesse’s Girl website, $4 USD each.

xx peace! blueberry milk tea

Collections: Sinful Colors Kylie + Sinful Shine King Kylie

When these collections appeared last year, I remember being absolutely enchanted by North Star first, then picking up a smattering of others here and there whenever popping into Walgreens. Later, I found a few bottles heavily discounted at Target, and was really surprised by the defacement of the display for this collection. Insults and ugliness, left in nail varnish and ink, directed at Miss Jenner. Whatever her reputation among the target (and Target, lol) demographic for her cosmetics, my opinion of her collaboration is sky-high. So much so that when I came upon scads of half-price bottles at a different well-stocked Walgreens locale, I shopped to my nails’ content. No regrets; here’s what I have.

These four are Trend Matters Angel shimmer mattes:

2111 Angelik, 2113 North Star, 2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

2111 Angelik, 2113 North Star

2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

2111 Angelik

2113 North Star, 2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2062 Miss Majesty

Next three are Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte:

2082 Mauve On, 2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

2062 Miss Majesty, 2082 Mauve On

2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

Top to bottom:

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2062 Miss Majesty

Next three are Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte:

2082 Mauve On, 2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

Above and below, Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2048 Slay Grey

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2045 True Kolor, 2053 Minty Fresh

Denim & Bling Duochrome 2109 Kurves

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2050 Kryptonite

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2044 Koko-Nuts, 2049 Miss Chief

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection:

2047 Kommando

2058 Karamel

2055 The Royal Me

Trend Matters Satin Matte 2132 Holly-Wood

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2046 Kween, 2051 Real Regal

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2054 Karnival

Twenty-six bottles in all.

Unsure how many comprised the collections; I’m not fan enough to do intensive Internet homework so it was difficult to decipher on my own what was what in order to break down what I had.

Since I had initially filled up a wheel of 18 chips with what I had (not anticipating buying more), they were organized by colour on the wheel and in my notebook by collection/finish.

That was last year.  When I ended up collecting eight more bottles in the interim, I just put them in the box shown in the background and saved it all for another day.

Those bottles ended up on a different nail wheel, just painted.  Lots of work and confusion!

Now for some comparisons among other similar Sinful Colors 🙂

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Collections: A England – Tennyson’s Romance

Cropped image of King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid, 1884, by Edward Burne-Jones

Puff puff … I’m so behind! Spring has almost sprung, and I’m still happily, richly swathed in beauteous dark and heavy tapestry from last November 🙂

This is the first collection I’ve ever ordered in its entirety both upon first sight + sight unseen, as they say. Absolutely no regrets.

Live Love Polish really wowed me with their incredible packaging and speedy delivery. Last Thanksgiving break, I was headed out on a week-long road trip and had my fingers crossed that an express-delivery varnish box would serendipitously land on my doorstep before it was time to make the looong haul across the looong state of California. LLP came through with flying colours, literally and figuratively, lol!  I remain truly grateful.

Her arms across her breast she laid;
She was more fair than words can say:

Bare-footed came the beggar maid
Before the king Cophetua.

In robe and crown the king stept down,
To meet and greet her on her way;

“It is no wonder,” said the lords,
“She is more beautiful than day”.

As shines the moon in clouded skies,
She in her poor attire was seen:

One praised her ancles, one her eyes,

One her dark hair and lovesome mien:

So sweet a face, such angel grace,

In all that land had never been:

Cophetua sware a royal oath:

“This beggar maid shall be my queen!”

Three coats each, excepting first two swatch photos … those were taken earlier, at two coats.

Since I had dallied so long, I refreshed the chips with a third coat for the more recent photos.

Backgrounds are from a Vogue Italia editorial, A Charming Blend by Corinne Day, December 2005.

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