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Collections: Sinful Colors Kylie + Sinful Shine King Kylie

When these collections appeared last year, I remember being absolutely enchanted by North Star first, then picking up a smattering of others here and there whenever popping into Walgreens. Later, I found a few bottles heavily discounted at Target, and was really surprised by the defacement of the display for this collection. Insults and ugliness, left in nail varnish and ink, directed at Miss Jenner. Whatever her reputation among the target (and Target, lol) demographic for her cosmetics, my opinion of her collaboration is sky-high. So much so that when I came upon scads of half-price bottles at a different well-stocked Walgreens locale, I shopped to my nails’ content. No regrets; here’s what I have.

These four are Trend Matters Angel shimmer mattes:

2111 Angelik, 2113 North Star, 2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

2111 Angelik, 2113 North Star

2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

2111 Angelik

2113 North Star, 2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2062 Miss Majesty

Next three are Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte:

2082 Mauve On, 2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

2062 Miss Majesty, 2082 Mauve On

2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

Top to bottom:

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2062 Miss Majesty

Next three are Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte:

2082 Mauve On, 2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

Above and below, Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2048 Slay Grey

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2045 True Kolor, 2053 Minty Fresh

Denim & Bling Duochrome 2109 Kurves

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2050 Kryptonite

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2044 Koko-Nuts, 2049 Miss Chief

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection:

2047 Kommando

2058 Karamel

2055 The Royal Me

Trend Matters Satin Matte 2132 Holly-Wood

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2046 Kween, 2051 Real Regal

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2054 Karnival

Twenty-six bottles in all.

Unsure how many comprised the collections; I’m not fan enough to do intensive Internet homework so it was difficult to decipher on my own what was what in order to break down what I had.

Since I had initially filled up a wheel of 18 chips with what I had (not anticipating buying more), they were organized by colour on the wheel and in my notebook by collection/finish.

That was last year.  When I ended up collecting eight more bottles in the interim, I just put them in the box shown in the background and saved it all for another day.

Those bottles ended up on a different nail wheel, just painted.  Lots of work and confusion!

Now for some comparisons among other similar Sinful Colors 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea

Collections: Sinful Colors Camo Glitter

I found these at a newly-discovered, fabulously well-stocked Walgreens locale during my workday travels in mid-June.

Since I’ve been having behind-the-scenes technical troubles lately, many photos and ideas have been languishing in my drafts … this trio has unfortunately been in that category.




Above, one coat


Above, two coats


Above and below, two coats



Above and all photos below, three coats








Upon first glance at the bottles, I didn’t understand the name.

With each successive coat, a new shape or color of glitter appeared, and it gradually dawned on me.

However, I wasn’t able to fish the real camo stuff out of the bottom of the bottle, even at three coats.

That’s where all the larger, heavier pieces (hexes, flowers) have sunk and remained.

xx blueberry milk tea, deep in the varnish trenches

Hostess of an international sparkle + shine party


Left hand guests, above:

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as base coat, 1x

USA – Essie Tennis Corset, tips only, 1x

Japan – Estessimo TINS – The Sacred Shine, dabbed on tips only

South Korea – Nature Republic 41 – Snow Shower, 1/4 nail tip only, 1x

South Korea – Etude House Forest Aurora Play Nail 375 – Morning Dew, 34 nail,  1x

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as top coat, 1x


Right hand guests, above:

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as base coat, 1x

Japan – Estessimo TINS – The Sacred Shine, 1/4 tips only, 1x

France – L’Oreal The Magic Top Coats – The True Diamond, uneven 3/4 nail, 1x

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as top coat, 1x

xx blueberry milk tea

Sugar-glazed babycakes, rack no. 1

Babycakes, Glass Pink, 777 (all Cyrillic characters, name thus unknown)

Misty Rose, misnamed Fuchsia Glamour, Seashell Pink

Taffy, Robo Romance, Honeymoon in Style (bought a new bottle since the old one looks golden yellow in comparison)


Sand Dolla Make You Holla (used to be white; has become pinker with time), Angel Food, Stream of Consciousness

Sahara Crystal Fiji, Cake Pop, PG (name unknown because in Korean)

Fleur de Sel, Candy Drops, Sugar Burst

2x each

xx blueberry milk tea

Hearts, flowers + chocolate






L to R, 2-3 coats, all, even Skinfood choco gradient:


L.A. Splash – Be Mine (ultrafine shimmery holo glitter, yellowgold-turquoise-green shift)

Sinful Colors – Love Sprinkles

L.A. Splash – LOL (holo + pastel rainbow glitter with pink, orange, blue, purple shift, not nearly as fine as Be Mine)

Nature Republic Style:lean – GRD504 Love Party


Sinful Colors – Shamrockin’

L’Oreal – Garden Bouquet

Dance Legend – Lavender (all matte, no shimmer)

Dance Legend – Viola (matte + ultrafine gold glitter)

Dance Legend – Primrose (matte + finest feather glitter, cannot detect colour)


Skinfood – Choco Smoky Nail Kit (Chic Brown)

1 – Pale gray, 3x

2 – Light gray, 2x

3 – Dark chocolate, 2x

All varnishes in this kit have finest rainbow shimmer

happy valentine’s day
xx blueberry milk tea

Sweater weather

Late in the evening on Christmas Day, I happened to look something up online (must have been varnish-related) and inadvertently spotted swatches of some gorgeous shade a la the multichromatic satin of Cinderella’s ball gown, yet not as saturated, not as periwinkle.

Turns out it was a member of the Cinderella Orly Color Blast collection, recalled from Walgreens stores in December, yet to be seen again.

I immediately hightailed it to two different stores on December 25, where I was greeted with blank stares upon inquiry, but I still ended up with Cinderella cotton swabs and a Cinderella highlighter + brush (all are fabulous, btw).

A few days later, I even ventured to the best-indoor (merchandise) yet worst-outdoor (vagrants, panhandlers) Walgreens in my area.

There, the SA knew exactly what I was talking about.

She casually related that all Cinderella Orly Color Blast merch was in the back, waiting until further notice from HQ to reshelve.

This information must have provoked a frightful facial expression from an elated me, as she immediately followed up by telling me that the products will not scan at the register until restock is approved.

Hence, I’ve been stalking Walgreens every chance I get, and I always (darn it!) leave with varnishes that are not the Cinderella darlings for which I came in …

From the untouched display of a L’Oreal festival-themed collection:  235 Boho Babe, 233 Sunkissed Silver, 243 Blissful Blue

Two coats each

Again, 2x each

I had to ask a clerk to get these down from an overhead display, and each escorted-to-the-cash-register bottle was covered in security stickers …

Barry M Confetti Marshmallow, SH Fuzzy Coat Wool Lite

2-3x each

I had Barry M first since I couldn’t bring myself to pay almost $7 USD for a monotone SH.

Yesterday, I spotted Wool Lite at Walgreens for around $1.50 USD, on clearance, last bottle, you know how it goes …

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Fuzz-sea, from same Walgreens clearance, USD $1.50

Two coats, in the middle, over L’Oreal Sunkissed Silver

China Glaze All a Flutter, also recently purchased on clearance

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat All Yarned Up, received free due to coupon stacking when it first came out

I was on the verge of purchasing the Barry M versions of Fuzz-sea and AYU, but I’m glad I didn’t …

… winter is too long to wear ugly varnishes, lol!

Above, L to R:

Barry M Marshmallow over L’Oreal Boho Babe

SH Wool Lite over L’Oreal Sunkissed Silver (my favourite combo)

ChG All a Flutter over L’Oreal Blissful Blue

SH All Yarned Up over L’Oreal Blissful Blue

xx blueberry milk tea (stay warm + fuzzy!)

New in: a full parcel stacked three rows high

I spent the entire Friday (aka Black Friday) following U.S. Thanksgiving hovering over my computer at intervals, leisurely adding varnish after varnish to my cart on the Ninja Polish site, then meticulously editing, until I ended up with this:

Nfu-Oh 37, 40, 46, 51, 56, 59

Nfu-Oh Aqua Base (for holographic varnishes), 62, 63, 64

Layla 11 Shock Pink

I didn’t order as many Nfu-Oh holos as I would have liked, since I was skittish about duds.

These three, however, are a trio of winners.  Lots of magic holo fairy dust in those bottles …

Hits Meninas Superpoderosas/Powerpuff Girls Docinho

Layla Ceramic Effect CE 56 – a really wow warmer-leaning green with a dusting of pale sheen.  Have a hunch I’m gonna really like this one…

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Magnifica – a perfumed aqua blue holo

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Emocionante – a perfumed crazy multichrome

Layla Ceramic Effect CE 63 – Chocolate Truffle.  I’ve wanted this one forever, sight unseen.

It’s better than my wildest dreams … more multichrome and faceted than I had imagined, better than OPI Teas-y Does It and the Nubar Chocolate series combined … and that’s not having been let out of the bottle yet 🙂

Tristam, Sleeping Palace, Guinevere, Galahad

Red Show 06, 07, 09 … these are even more incredible than I had anticipated.

New Prism 06 Teleportation, Top for Darks 603, Top for Darks 608

Don’t Tell Mademoiselle!

Meet Me at Coral Island

The Pinky & The Brain

Fred Said Red

Bloody Mary to Go

Robert’s Red Ford

Hello Kitty Lemon Pie Kit: Mint, Gum, Melon

Hello Kitty Apple Pie Kit:  Sweet, Candy, Apple

Hello Kitty Blueberry Pie Kit:  Blueberry, Plum, Fizzy

Fizzy leaked some gunky glue-like stuff onto herself and Blueberry.

All three bottles are otherwise clean and open fine.

I’m so weary of scrubbing up bottles that I left these as is :/

Copper Pot, Indigo, Coffee Love, Magic Flow

I put these together as my Viva El Salvador! group, since indigo and coffee used to be major exports until they were seemingly outshone by the maras.

Color-Changing Garnet, Mystic Glacier, Divinity

My chosen gifts with purchase 🙂  Divinity has an even better reputation than Clarins 230!

Lightshow, Nonfat Soy Half Caff, Leotard Optional, Glimmer More, Pink Platinum

I also bought yet another backup of SOPI Metro Chic, since who knows when we’ll see these old bottles again?

This was a mid-week discount retailer pick-me-up whilst awaiting the brick o’ varnish that arrived at my doorstep today. 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea