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Inspiration: anti-manicure a la Marni

I actually chose the images above of Marni print and necklace after I had already finished my nails. What I had been carrying around for months in my imagination was much less literal as to colour and shape, likely based on years of eyeballing and admiring scads of Marni runway shows, editorial and Instagram.

For my tiny canvasses:

Skin Food Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner
Rimmel Base + Top, one coat each used for base and top

Essie Pillow Talk, 1x
Sinful Colors Coco Bae, 1x sponged unevenly on about half to 3/4 of the nail

OPI Fiercely Fiona, applied haphazardly with a dry nail brush
OPI Sleigh Parking Only, ditto

Purchased from Sally Beauty for a small fortune over 5 years ago … first used here 🙂

Canvasses prepped: Rimmel base and Essie Pillow Talk

Sinful Colors Coco Bae, from the new 2018 additions to the core collection.

Possesses quite a hot pinky-peach flash/shimmer.

As soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew exactly how I would put her to uggles use in this jolie-laide manicure already taking shape in my mind …

xx blueberry milk tea


Yesterday afternoon, I was wishing and yearning for August to arrive very soon in order to get my hands on this:

Chanel Le Vernis – Horizon Line

(Uploaded from beautyalmanac; unsure if image belongs to them or to Chanel)

I’ve also maintained an interest in Monochrome and Garconne, but it must not be active since as of yesterday, they haven’t found their way into my collection.

Then, as yesterday turned into last night, I tripped and fell over stacks of varnish boxes in my bedroom, knocking over a table of even more loose varnishes in trays. Those varnishes, in turn, went flying and fell onto a supercute tartan plaid train case in the shape of a hatbox, where all my Zoyas were cohabitating.

Whilst attempting to salvage the traincase from several spilled bottles of OPI that had landed and broken on top of it, I thought I’d better take a gander at the Zoya content inside …

And that’s when, after cleaning and organizing my Zoya collection by tone/shade, I discovered these.

Jacqueline, Charlotte, Ireland, Dree

Cho, Farah, Misty, Charli

Jacqueline, Charlotte, Ireland, Dree

Cho, Farah, Misty, Charli

Left side:





Right side:





Two coats each

So chic, yet edgy!

Perhaps I’ll pass on Chanel after all, thus continuing in my effort to purchase only cruelty-free when possible 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea

Inspiration: Spring clean

Marni F/W 2017-2018

Just cos I’m always delighted, surprised and inspired by Italian houses’ juxtaposition of colour and texture

The shelf containing a fraction of my collection, which took an enormous chunk of afternoon to clean, mix and reorganize.

Miu Miu Subjective Reality 2015 campaign by Steven Meisel

Peripera, Paul & Joe and Republic Nail’s Frida Kahlo collection

Miu Miu 2014

Colour, texture + pattern

Again, Marni … from F/W 2016-2017

Miu Miu runway F/W 2015-2016

Two bottles of vintage HC Normal

In the end, I got it done!

HC Pixie, Angel, Dork, Bubble Gum, original Sky

All cleaned, shaken and stirred.

xx blueberry milk tea

Inspiration: The Sartorialist in Bologna, Italia

Remember how four years ago ’round this season, we were scrambling for Chanel Mimosa?


Photo by The Sartorialist, Mr. Scott Schuman.  Molto grazie!

Over here in California, I was planning on showing you some new greens.

By the time I finished arranging and rearranging all one zillion of them, however, I viscerally understood the meaning of the phrase, familiarity breeds contempt.

So I turned to a long-neglected basket of yellows for relief from my green weariness, thinking to organize and photograph them for sale somewhere, as a lot.

Instead, I very unexpectedly discovered a *new* colour crush.

I even went out to the varnish warehouse (my garage) and plucked up the few yellow bottles languishing there…


Beginning at high noon, these are the colours (all, 2x) featured in the rest of the images:

1 – The Face Shop YL701

2 – NYC Mimosa Bouquet

3 – Sinful Colors Otaku Anime

4 – L.A. Girls Fruity Zesty Citrus

5 – SH CSM Mum’s the Word

6 – Revlon Colorstay Buttercup

7 – NARS x Pierre Hardy – Sharks Left

8 – American Apparel Butter

9 – SH Xtreme Wear Teeny Bikini

10 – SH CSM Yellow Kitty  (at 6:00)

11 – CQ Honey

12 – Sally Girl Banana

13 – H&M Rising Sun

14 – Sinful Colors Pull Over

15 – Sinful Colors Let’s Meet

16 – Essence C&G Little Miss Sunrise

17 – Essence Cherry Blossom Girl TE Fortune Cookie

18 – Catrice Yellow Sub-mandarin



Sally Girl and H&M have shimmer; SC Pull Over does not…





…but Sinful Colors Let’s Meet does.  Essence C&G is the only true crème in this batch.



SH CSM Mum’s the Word, farthest left above, had the smoothest formula and best coverage in two coats of all of these (could be because it’s the newest).

Because of Mum’s the Word, I skipped Dior Sunwashed.

I’ve used my P&J Summer 2015 Sangria as a sheer top coat over Mum’s the Word in lieu of Dior Tie Dye top coat over Sunwashed…



SH CSM Yellow Kitty was the first yellow varnish I had ever purchased, way back in 2010.

I remember having my eye on it as early as 2009, and I wasn’t even aware that Pantone had deemed Mimosa colour of the year for 2009.

Swatching it today was the first time I’ve opened the bottle, so it performed exceedingly well, all things considered!




NYC Mimosa Bouquet is my favourite shade of this shimmery batch, but it’s not basking in the glow of the winner’s circle.

Streaky, patchy, sheer, in spite of its beautiful pale glimmer, which I thought would help matters along…

xx blueberry milk tea (cooling off with lemon tea in the sun’s rays)

Who says bad things come in threes?

My own take on the first part of this inspiring post. Danke, Sara!


Paul & Joe Blanket, Crème de Cacao, Siamese


Dior trio included in Sara’s comparison


Peripera PP112, BK502, BK503


New at my Nature Republic shop:  33, 37, 36


Paul & Joe Koala, Dior Junon, NR 36


NR 37 (which looks more like itself in the image with its brethren), Chanel Tenderly, Dior Spring


Good things DO happen in threes!

Dior Camel is once again on her way to me (this time unbroken 🙂 ).

Once she arrives, I’ll compare her to Nature Republic 33 above.

xx blueberry milk tea *keeping fingers crossed and avoiding cracks in the sidewalk*

Inspiration: Essie Summer 2015

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo of a photo of enamel pots hanging in a Mexican kitchen, from the same cookbook in this post.

The library was clamouring for the book to be returned, so I snapped this image beforehand.

I knew I had tons of these colours filling up my drawers and thought to show them to you using the photo as an organization tool.

Then, I brought this Essie trio home today (having received a crazy good deal at the drugstore), and everything sort of fell into place without having to weed through my overflowing and untidy blue/green drawer (although I would like to eventually show you a mix of closer-to-the-photo aqua and lime shades)…

Buen provecho!

xx blueberry milk tea

Inspiration: beautiful Japanese disposable chopsticks

Could not wait to pluck the corresponding varnishes from my collection this morning and post these images before embarking on a manicure inspired by two pairs of chopsticks I will never, ever throw away…

In brand alpha order:

American Apparel MacArthur Park

Butter London Tea & Toast

Essie No More Film

Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days

Nails Inc. White Horse Street

OPI A Piers To Be Tan

Peripera GR313

Uslu Airlines ACE Arrecife

xx blueberry milk tea