Let’s leave OPI out of it

Warm peachy nude and peachy-brown neutrals are not my usual jam; they wreak havoc with my uneven pallor.

For some reason, I want them on my nails anyway … but not enough to trek to the booby trap into which my teenaged son has converted the varnish warehouse. That’s where OPI Feeling Frisco and Samoan Sand are currently residing.

Hence the title of this post 🙂















Chanel 633 Intention has a very subtle warm shimmer, none too visible here …


Chanel 633 Intention was “intended” for the Asian market only, or so I’ve heard. That’s why I snatched it up when I found it available in the U.S. for a time.







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Little Sunday-into-Monday nails

Not too long ago, whilst indulging my perpetual curiosity online, I suddenly craved ownership of a certain two Lynderellas like nobody’s business: A Neutral Party and Puppy Cake.

Being that I’ve not ever worn a one of the Lynnderella residents currently leading the life of Riley in a top drawer of the Alex varnish condo, I abstained from immediate purchase of the two aforementioned. Instead, I got to work scouting other floors of the condo, chasing the varnish visions dancing in my head.

I didn’t have to look far: everything my little nails were wishing for (neutral but sparkly, tiny black dots, holo microshimmer, gold, silver, bronze and then some) turned out to be in residence — no spending the winter out at the warehouse for these favourites!

Problem child extraordinaire and confirmed favourite, Big Universo Canel

Sally Hansen CSM Paparazzi, Anna Sui 32C

China Glaze I’m Not Lion, OPI Wonderous Star

A member of the Etude House x Annika Wester Wannabe Syrup Nails trio
Maybelline Color Show The Nudes LE Bronze Beam

In an abundance of caution, because my formerly known as long nails were catching on my tights, splitting and peeling per usual, I thought to start things off right on Sunday with a base coat of this 18k gold hardener.

The subtle flakes add a neat underlayer dimension to one coat of transparent Canel …

The brushes I used to execute my idea on oh-so-tiny canvasses:

Slanted tip Impala – SH CSM Paparazzi, one coat gradient effect

Mint green fan – Anna Sui 32C, one swipe on tips

Essence denser fan – China Glaze I’m Not Lion, one swipe on tips

OPI Wonderous Star – daubed on very edge of nails with bottle brush, which netted a surprising density of little black dots

Impala fan brush – Etude House glitter, one swipe a little farther down the nail than the others, to about 1/4 – 1/2 of Paparazzi

Maybelline Color Show Bronze Beam – laid bottle brush flat on its side at intervals on tips

Finally, 1-2 coats of Rimmel Base + Top Coat.

Before polishing my nails, I had done two rounds of Gena Cuticle Remover (which contains lots of naturally-derived hydroxy and salicylic acids, but no lye or ammonia products that I could spot) in addition to nail oils, cuticle oils and Lush Charity Pot.

To the naked eye, my efforts appeared to be effective. iPhone images, however, are unforgiving, detecting and magnifying every flaw. Even if I wanted to correct the imperfections visible in the photos of my nails above, I couldn’t — they just don’t show up in real life (thank goodness)!

Last image was taken in my car, Monday afternoon sun.

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Spooky series: moody autumnal skies

Risqué Silver Shine, Bonita Dying to Party, Essence Urban Messages TE Skyscraper

A-England Cathy, Essence Crystalliced TE It’s a Snow-woman’s World, Impala Novo 70 Boho Chic, Essence C&G Grey-t to Be Here

Essence Vintage District TE Get Arty, Essence Crystalliced TE Iced Age Reloaded

Nails Inc. Ballet Sheers Covent Garden Ballet, Impala Cores do Oceano Agua Viva, Orly Sweet Dreams, Layla Softouch Effect 03

Scherer Chameleon Hula, OPI Yokohama Twilight

Revlon Smoldering, Colorama Abre Alas, Colorama Misteriosa Turquia Lua Crescente

All swatches above, two coats

Kiko Quick Dry 849, Dance Legend Mist Way Collection 09 Hedgehog in the Fog, Illamasqua Raindrops, Sinful Colors Kylie Trend Matters Shimmer Matte Angel Magik Touch

Rescue Beauty Lounge Morning Light, Sinful Colors Kylie Trend Matters Demi Matte Velvet Kurtsey

Icing by Claire’s unnamed 1/4 of a mini set, Orly Pixie Dust, OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam

Essence Beauty Beats TE As Long as You Love Me, Sinful Shine Kylie Signature Collection King Kylie Slay Grey, Colorama Hypnose

All swatches 2-3 coats

xx blueberry milk tea

Hostess of an international sparkle + shine party


Left hand guests, above:

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as base coat, 1x

USA – Essie Tennis Corset, tips only, 1x

Japan – Estessimo TINS – The Sacred Shine, dabbed on tips only

South Korea – Nature Republic 41 – Snow Shower, 1/4 nail tip only, 1x

South Korea – Etude House Forest Aurora Play Nail 375 – Morning Dew, 34 nail,  1x

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as top coat, 1x


Right hand guests, above:

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as base coat, 1x

Japan – Estessimo TINS – The Sacred Shine, 1/4 tips only, 1x

France – L’Oreal The Magic Top Coats – The True Diamond, uneven 3/4 nail, 1x

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as top coat, 1x

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Hot little numbers

Paul & Joe Spring Collection 2016, Papillons de Printemps
013 – Buddleja

013 Buddleja
Kiko 290
OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries
Revlon Plum Seduction
Lippmann Between the Sheets

All, 2-3x

Kiko 494 – Pearly Amaranth, 2-3x

A cooler, purple version of Chanel Cosmic Violine.

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More mauve + marsala masala

Skull + pitbull

More mm masala

I had finished up yesterday’s post more than slightly dismayed at how poorly the images represent the true colours.  Those bottles all look so much prettier lined up in real life, as does the shiny pinky peachy pouch from H&M shown in the background… in photos, it appears wrinkled, dingy and messy.

Lately I am loving (even more than usual, that is — I’ve been a hoarder of Chloe and See by Chloe designs since forever) the colours in the Chloe lineup of fragrances, especially the shade of the ribbon on the Roses de Chloe bottle.

On my last visit to H&M, there was a faux fur top on the racks in that colour family.  Although it was on sale for $20 USD, I couldn’t justify the purchase (even to use as a sort of bed pillow cover in spring and summer), cos it has been so hot here in the past few years that I actually sold off all of my faux furs (not to mention that I just bought a real marabou coat from Topshop, which is so impractical for my lifestyle I will likely never wear it, so I leave it hung up on a clothes rack in my bedroom so I can admire at all times its airy texture and colour shift from warm pinky nude to taupe to lilac to cool lavender, depending on the light).

I’m waiting to finish my purse spray of Chloe EdP to purchase a full bottle of that, and have yet to sniff the actual juice of Roses de Chloe EdT before springing for a bottle.

Meanwhile, in order for my retinas to get their fill of my current colour crush, I seek my usual alternative in this regard:  nail varnish.

After finishing yesterday’s post, I realized I had left out Paul & Joe 04, Figue, since it lives in a different section of my bedroom than the Alex condo.

Then, on a visit to Nature Republic, I was introduced to two of their new shades, 31 & 32, which both appear much browner here (especially 31) than they really are.  They fit perfectly in the marsala masala lineup.

I reincluded SH XW Mauve Over + Models Own Vintage Pink, since they are practically poster children for a Pantone swatch of Marsala…

Although I daresay Nature Republic 32 is even closer, since it’s less pink and more brown-orange than those two, but still maintains a definite rosiness.

I plan to do a Skittles with these five as my Sunday evening mani.

xx blueberry milk tea

P.S.  Prepared blueberry milk tea is, funnily enough, the colour of Models Own Vintage Pink (at least it is at the tea shop where I buy it).  When I first started the nail café, I considered MO Vintage Pink, with a layer of L.A. Girls Glitter Addict Uninhibited (all black glitter of varying size to represent the boba) to be the signature manicure on the menu, but I never got round to putting up the café menu!  Soon.  🙂