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PFF Series: festive sparkle


Venique Jolly Holly Twinkle

China Glaze Dancing & Prancing

Finger Paints Glisten Here



At one coat each



At two coats each




At three coats each






Venique Jolly Holly Twinkle – Holiday 2012
(purchased in mid-2013 at a local beauty supply)

China Glaze Dancing & Prancing – Holiday 2014
(purchased at Sally Beauty at a deep discount, might have been during 2015 holiday season)

Finger Paints Glisten Here – Winter Wishes Holiday 2014
(purchased along with China Glaze Dancing & Prancing, imagining to do a glitter fade with the two, since their color schemes appeared very similar in the bottles)

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Spooky Series: Sorceress Spittle + Bat Wings in a Copper Pot


Bottom to top, 2x each:

Realce Macabra – Baba de Bruxa (Sorceress Spittle, translation mine)
Sinful Colors 1503 Copper Pot
Sinful Colors 2123 Play Dead
Sinful Colors 2318 If You’ve Got It, Haunt It
Sinful Colors 2332 Bite Me
Realce Macabra – Asa de Morcego (Bat Wings, translation mine)


Realce Macabra – Baba de Bruxa (Sorceress Spittle, translation mine)
SC 1503 Copper Pot
SC 2123 Play Dead


SC 2318 If You’ve Got It, Haunt It
SC 2332 Bite Me
Realce Macabra – Asa de Morcego (Bat Wings, translation mine)




All of these have freaky, fantastic formulas and finishes!

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(stirring the varnish pot in my colour-shifting Zara dress/costume …)

Inspiration: Spring clean

Marni F/W 2017-2018

Just cos I’m always delighted, surprised and inspired by Italian houses’ juxtaposition of colour and texture

The shelf containing a fraction of my collection, which took an enormous chunk of afternoon to clean, mix and reorganize.

Miu Miu Subjective Reality 2015 campaign by Steven Meisel

Peripera, Paul & Joe and Republic Nail’s Frida Kahlo collection

Miu Miu 2014

Colour, texture + pattern

Again, Marni … from F/W 2016-2017

Miu Miu runway F/W 2015-2016

Two bottles of vintage HC Normal

In the end, I got it done!

HC Pixie, Angel, Dork, Bubble Gum, original Sky

All cleaned, shaken and stirred.

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Bling ring a la boheme

Floss Gloss Stun

After going round and round with Rickys NYC a couple of years ago re this varnish, I finally just went directly to the source (the Floss Gloss website) …

Colors by Llarowe Blonde Ambition

ILNP Spiced Eggnog (fugly base, gold flakes and holo shimmer)

A continuation of this wheel

Two coats each

Dance Legend Wow Prism 13 Steel Panther

Two coats, a continuation of this wheel

I needed another large particle scattered silver holo like … well, but this one *is* rather extraordinary!

A-England Katyusha

A true original stunner … multichrome shift and holographic beauty

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Spooky series: moody autumnal skies

Risqué Silver Shine, Bonita Dying to Party, Essence Urban Messages TE Skyscraper

A-England Cathy, Essence Crystalliced TE It’s a Snow-woman’s World, Impala Novo 70 Boho Chic, Essence C&G Grey-t to Be Here

Essence Vintage District TE Get Arty, Essence Crystalliced TE Iced Age Reloaded

Nails Inc. Ballet Sheers Covent Garden Ballet, Impala Cores do Oceano Agua Viva, Orly Sweet Dreams, Layla Softouch Effect 03

Scherer Chameleon Hula, OPI Yokohama Twilight

Revlon Smoldering, Colorama Abre Alas, Colorama Misteriosa Turquia Lua Crescente

All swatches above, two coats

Kiko Quick Dry 849, Dance Legend Mist Way Collection 09 Hedgehog in the Fog, Illamasqua Raindrops, Sinful Colors Kylie Trend Matters Shimmer Matte Angel Magik Touch

Rescue Beauty Lounge Morning Light, Sinful Colors Kylie Trend Matters Demi Matte Velvet Kurtsey

Icing by Claire’s unnamed 1/4 of a mini set, Orly Pixie Dust, OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam

Essence Beauty Beats TE As Long as You Love Me, Sinful Shine Kylie Signature Collection King Kylie Slay Grey, Colorama Hypnose

All swatches 2-3 coats

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New in: back to the futur-istic holos

Bonita Big Dipper

L.A. Girl 3D Effects GNL 301 3D Silver

NCLA I Like It on Top – Shimmer Me Pretty

NCLA Holos – Light Years Ahead

NCLA Holos – From L.A. to Anywhere

All, 2x

More here, here, here, here, here and here .

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Rich girl, poor girl: Autumn collection LE neutral creme + metal shimmer duos

Greige + Smokey Topaz, $15 USD each at department stores

Speed of Light + Golden Opportunity, $6 USD each at drugstores

I obtained both for $9 USD, due to a BOGO 50% off sale.

2-3 coats each

Warm crème, cool shimmer; cool crème, warm shimmer

I highly recommend both metal shimmers:  each possesses a unique facet which sets her apart from others of this genre.

And no brushstrokes!  I actually had more of a problem with the crèmes in this regard…

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