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Collections: Sinful Colors Kylie + Sinful Shine King Kylie

When these collections appeared last year, I remember being absolutely enchanted by North Star first, then picking up a smattering of others here and there whenever popping into Walgreens. Later, I found a few bottles heavily discounted at Target, and was really surprised by the defacement of the display for this collection. Insults and ugliness, left in nail varnish and ink, directed at Miss Jenner. Whatever her reputation among the target (and Target, lol) demographic for her cosmetics, my opinion of her collaboration is sky-high. So much so that when I came upon scads of half-price bottles at a different well-stocked Walgreens locale, I shopped to my nails’ content. No regrets; here’s what I have.

These four are Trend Matters Angel shimmer mattes:

2111 Angelik, 2113 North Star, 2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

2111 Angelik, 2113 North Star

2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

2111 Angelik

2113 North Star, 2088 Butter Kup, 2110 Magik Touch

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2062 Miss Majesty

Next three are Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte:

2082 Mauve On, 2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

2062 Miss Majesty, 2082 Mauve On

2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

Top to bottom:

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2062 Miss Majesty

Next three are Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte:

2082 Mauve On, 2078 Silhouette, 2085 Kozy

Above and below, Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2048 Slay Grey

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2077 Kurtsey

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Denim & Bling Matte 2109 Kurves

Trend Matters Velvet Demi Matte 2084 Kurtain Kall, 2079 Kommotion

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2045 True Kolor, 2053 Minty Fresh

Denim & Bling Duochrome 2109 Kurves

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2050 Kryptonite

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2044 Koko-Nuts, 2049 Miss Chief

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection:

2047 Kommando

2058 Karamel

2055 The Royal Me

Trend Matters Satin Matte 2132 Holly-Wood

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2046 Kween, 2051 Real Regal

Sinful Shine King Kylie Signature Collection 2054 Karnival

Twenty-six bottles in all.

Unsure how many comprised the collections; I’m not fan enough to do intensive Internet homework so it was difficult to decipher on my own what was what in order to break down what I had.

Since I had initially filled up a wheel of 18 chips with what I had (not anticipating buying more), they were organized by colour on the wheel and in my notebook by collection/finish.

That was last year.  When I ended up collecting eight more bottles in the interim, I just put them in the box shown in the background and saved it all for another day.

Those bottles ended up on a different nail wheel, just painted.  Lots of work and confusion!

Now for some comparisons among other similar Sinful Colors 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea

Inspiration: Spring clean

Marni F/W 2017-2018

Just cos I’m always delighted, surprised and inspired by Italian houses’ juxtaposition of colour and texture

The shelf containing a fraction of my collection, which took an enormous chunk of afternoon to clean, mix and reorganize.

Miu Miu Subjective Reality 2015 campaign by Steven Meisel

Peripera, Paul & Joe and Republic Nail’s Frida Kahlo collection

Miu Miu 2014

Colour, texture + pattern

Again, Marni … from F/W 2016-2017

Miu Miu runway F/W 2015-2016

Two bottles of vintage HC Normal

In the end, I got it done!

HC Pixie, Angel, Dork, Bubble Gum, original Sky

All cleaned, shaken and stirred.

xx blueberry milk tea

A butter sandwich

My intent was to put the finishing touch on this post, since I dreamed of doing so last night!

Either my camera or the photographer is suffering, cos the image above is the only one of the series that turned out even remotely in focus …

Kiko 369 is square in between Misa Hot Couture, pictured above, and Misa Silly Daffodils, more dusty golden yellow (included in one of the shots that didn’t pan out).

If I can get my mustard mojo back, I’ll show you the other bottles I have that are brighter and darker than those pictured.

They remind me of Luis Barragan’s house in Mexico, especially when paired with a searing hot pink!

xx blueberry milk tea

Lady Marmalade

Not my collage image … think it might have originated from a Swedish site.

I loved this print when it came out and wish I had purchased the trickle-down version canvas bag with this print, spotted at Target a few years later :/

Jellies/sheers, one coat each

Nfu-Oh JS21

OPI Sheer Tints Top Coat – I’m Never Amberrassed

The Face Shop OR203

OPI Color Paints – Chromatic Orange

OPI Big Hair … Big Nails

OPI Guy Meets Galveston

Zoya Alma, Zoya Gabrielle, Sinful Colors UFO, Zoya Jesy, Zoya Soho Punch

One coat of glitter/shimmer over corresponding jellies:

Nfu-Oh – Sinful Colors UFO

OPI Amberrassed + Chromatic Orange – Zoya Gabrielle

TFS OR203 – Zoya Alma

OPI Big Hair – Zoya Jesy

OPI Guy Meets – Zoya Soho Punch (2x)

Not my street-style image; looks like it could be a Tommy Ton but have my doubts …

Above + below, prior combinations with a final coat of jelly/sheer

What’s your favourite citrus marmalade sandwich?

xx blueberry milk tea

Mid-week pick-me-up

25 bottles of varnish on the wall …

… averaging $10 USD each (at regular price) …

My receipt totaled around $140 USD! 🙂

They say it’s either time or money …

… this is what happens when you have the unexpected time to scour the clearance racks and bins!

Top row:

From Butter London Backstage Basics kit

1 – Nail Foundation (base coat)

2 – Hardware (top coat)

3 – Minted (my varnish choice – although the box was battered and the remover more than half gone, I still had my pick of a pretty polish!)

Middle row:

1 – OPI Infinite Shine 2 – Patience Pays Off

2 – OPI Hello Kitty – 5 Apples Tall

3 – ChG Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

4 – ChG Re-fresh Mint version one (lighter and whiter)

5 – ChG Re-fresh Mint version two (darker and yellower)

6 – ChG Grass is Lime Greener

7 – ChG Let’s Chalk About It

8 – ChG What’s She Dune?

9 – ChG Shocking Pink

Bottom row:

1 – Essie Adore-a-Ball

2 – Essie Absolutely Shore

3 – Essie Taj Ma-haul

4 – Essie Hot Coco

5 – Essie Delhi Dance

6 – Essie Too Too Hot

7 – Nails Inc. Gel – Palace Court

8 – Nails Inc. Gel – Princess Road

9 – Nails Inc. Gel – Portobello Lane

10 – Nails Inc. Gel – Duchess Street

11 – Nails Inc. Bling Bling – Victoria Gardens

12 – Nails Inc. Festival – Sloane Street

13 – Nails Inc. – Notting Hill Carnival

xx blueberry milk tea

New in: nouveaux riches + old money holographics

All, 2x each

EDIT:  Addendum, there’s more!

NOPI Carrie Underwood Lips Are Dripping Honey, 2x

Dance Legend Pretty Top, dabbed an uneven third in an attempt to fish some of the gold and silver disks onto the chip :/

xx blueberry milk tea

P.S. Once I learn to read and write Russian Cyrillic characters, I’ll fill in everything here from the Dance Legend labels *and* I’ll likely abandon the café to throw myself at nail_ru and!

Inspiration: The Sartorialist in Bologna, Italia

Remember how four years ago ’round this season, we were scrambling for Chanel Mimosa?


Photo by The Sartorialist, Mr. Scott Schuman.  Molto grazie!

Over here in California, I was planning on showing you some new greens.

By the time I finished arranging and rearranging all one zillion of them, however, I viscerally understood the meaning of the phrase, familiarity breeds contempt.

So I turned to a long-neglected basket of yellows for relief from my green weariness, thinking to organize and photograph them for sale somewhere, as a lot.

Instead, I very unexpectedly discovered a *new* colour crush.

I even went out to the varnish warehouse (my garage) and plucked up the few yellow bottles languishing there…


Beginning at high noon, these are the colours (all, 2x) featured in the rest of the images:

1 – The Face Shop YL701

2 – NYC Mimosa Bouquet

3 – Sinful Colors Otaku Anime

4 – L.A. Girls Fruity Zesty Citrus

5 – SH CSM Mum’s the Word

6 – Revlon Colorstay Buttercup

7 – NARS x Pierre Hardy – Sharks Left

8 – American Apparel Butter

9 – SH Xtreme Wear Teeny Bikini

10 – SH CSM Yellow Kitty  (at 6:00)

11 – CQ Honey

12 – Sally Girl Banana

13 – H&M Rising Sun

14 – Sinful Colors Pull Over

15 – Sinful Colors Let’s Meet

16 – Essence C&G Little Miss Sunrise

17 – Essence Cherry Blossom Girl TE Fortune Cookie

18 – Catrice Yellow Sub-mandarin



Sally Girl and H&M have shimmer; SC Pull Over does not…





…but Sinful Colors Let’s Meet does.  Essence C&G is the only true crème in this batch.



SH CSM Mum’s the Word, farthest left above, had the smoothest formula and best coverage in two coats of all of these (could be because it’s the newest).

Because of Mum’s the Word, I skipped Dior Sunwashed.

I’ve used my P&J Summer 2015 Sangria as a sheer top coat over Mum’s the Word in lieu of Dior Tie Dye top coat over Sunwashed…



SH CSM Yellow Kitty was the first yellow varnish I had ever purchased, way back in 2010.

I remember having my eye on it as early as 2009, and I wasn’t even aware that Pantone had deemed Mimosa colour of the year for 2009.

Swatching it today was the first time I’ve opened the bottle, so it performed exceedingly well, all things considered!




NYC Mimosa Bouquet is my favourite shade of this shimmery batch, but it’s not basking in the glow of the winner’s circle.

Streaky, patchy, sheer, in spite of its beautiful pale glimmer, which I thought would help matters along…

xx blueberry milk tea (cooling off with lemon tea in the sun’s rays)