Flower Garden

Drew Barrymore Flower nail lacquers:

Aster Place – dusty dark red-leaning mauve creme,
a la Dior Cosmopolite or Chanel April

Beige Beauty – might as well be Chanel Beige, complete with pink flash!

Bluebell of the Ball – medium dusty blue crème,
bluer than Dior Junon

Don’t Be a Wallflower – warm mushroom greige, a la Chanel Particuliere,
Dior Gris Trianon is lighter and cooler, Dior Dune is several shades darker

First Bloom – a brighter version of Dior Star

Go with the Flow-er – warmer and more opaque than Chanel Frenzy

Gorgeous Gerbera – light pinky peachy crème

Eye of the Tiger Lily – searing sheer tropical orange,
more jelly and brighter than Dior Mango

I Lavendare You! – palest lavender with pink-blurple microshimmer

Make my Daylily – leans greyer than Dior Lili, very close to Dior Yacht

May Flowers – pinker light mauve crème

Pansy Shmansy – blue violet, Dior Forget-Me-Not and Purple Mix are both lighter and redder

Precious Poppy – a brighter version of Dior Lucky

Thistle or That? – dusty aqua green with sheen

What’s the Daffodily-o? – deep pinky peachy crème,
square in between Dior Bouquet and Dior Pink (without Pink’s shimmer)