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In the red — a teaser

Overwhelmed not only me, but my camera!

What a sight, what a task …

Organized by brand.

Once I get my hands on some sticks, I’ll swatch first by brand, then move the sticks around by shade as I have them in my drawer.

Yes, that drawer is on the verge of collapse! 🙂

Can never do these bottles justice.  They’re so much more beautiful in person.

Dior Lucky, Glory, Tie & Dye, Star, Pandore

Chanel Dragon, Coromandel, Lotus Rouge, Barcelona Red

Deborah Lippmann Sexyback, It’s Raining Men, Girls Jessa

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin

Rescue Beauty Lounge Gondoliere

Paul & Joe Annatto, Paprika

The bottom row, above, consists of flashy sparklers:

L’Apogee Be Happy Delicia

OPI You Only Live Twice, Ali’s Big Break

Dance Legend Red Show 06, 07, 09

Estee Lauder Fiery Hot

Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune # plum glitz

Misa Forgive, Forget, For Me I Will

Uslu Airlines KBJ Kings Canyon

Orly Precisely Poppy

American Apparel Lipstick

Sation Pink Fury, Baron Red

NYC Pink Promenade Crème, Times Square

CQ Pink Candy, Crème Berry, Cardinal

Revlon – Colorstay Delicious, Fearless, Revlon Red

Nails Inc. Festival Hyde Park, Kensington High Street

Barry M Raspberry

SH Insta-Dri Quick Fire, Ablazing!, Sonic Bloom, Rapid Red

SH X-treme Wear Heritage Red

Next up, a brand row-by-row with higher quality photos 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea

More Mavala reds on the way from Canada, and I’ve since realized I forgot to raid my Asian drawer for the above photos …

Unintentionally frightful horror bling mash








xx boo! berry milk tea

Panning for gold

Heart of gold – Valentine’s Day
Red + gold – Chinese New Year
Lol, I wouldn’t cheat you like that. 🙂

Just playing indoors this Saturday since I can’t get anyone to invite me to the river…


Essie Luxeffects As Gold As It Gets.  This is a dupe for Estessimo TINS The Maharajah Palace.  I still want TINS for its name. 🙂

NYC Summer 2012 LE Flashlight.  One of my treasured HG varnishes.  It contains a secret sauce of pink electric shimmer; I cannot wait to receive Colorama 35 top coat (purchased from cilucia’s blog sale) to layer over this.  As if it were lacking anything else…

NYC Top of the Gold Top Coat.  NYC displays are disappearing from drugstores; hopefully they’re overhauling their image and this will not be a permanent absence.  Many a “desert island” varnish of mine is made by NYC.


Uslu Airlines DLL, Delicia No. 10, Winwax Nail Brights No. 4.

I could do an entire new post as a spinoff from No. 4, since she doesn’t really belong here.

I included her cos I picked up No. 10 at the same time, for $1.50 each from a Japanese market that has a mini Daiso section.


Essie Tennis Corset (still unsure if that’s really what this no-label bottle is…)

Gah!  See the pinky shimmer in Flashlight? *Faints upon sighting*


Big Universo Luz das Estrelas – Raio de Sol

T. LeClerc Or Nacre.  This varnish is 11 whopping years old.  Might be my second oldest after MAC Relic (lol), from 1998…

Revlon Transforming Effects Gold Glaze.  From the new collex.  Haven’t tried this yet; the usual backlog since I purchased a handful at one go from this collection alone.








Ellen Gold Crystal.  This was included as an extra by S., my Paulista personal shopper.  I love it to pieces and contrary to bottle appearance, have used it in several manicures.  I don’t feature them since they don’t last past a few hours.  In spite of the “fast drying” label, I can’t ever get this varnish to cure properly.

The Face Shop Face It No. 5.  Gold microshimmer top coat; one of my most-used subtle effect top coats.

Essie Tennis Corset, not really looking like herself.



Ellen Gold Crystal flashes gold-green, too.  Those glitters must indeed be holographic…

Fool’s gold?  I think not!

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Sunday nail flop

foto 2

China Glaze Princess Grace
Passe Nati Mythos Hera
Big Universo Rotse (found it!)

foto 3

Pearly shimmery gradient, influenced by Japanese nail blogs circa 2009:

Orly Nail Armor as base coat
Passe Nati on tips 1/3
China Glaze 2/3 nail
Big Universo entire nail
Impala top coat

A recipe for a mess that in addition to being ugly, never ever dries.  Each of these is quite pretty on her own, especially Passe Nati Hera.

I’ve tried again in differing combinations and will sport for Monday… if they last through Sunday night, that is.  Can these iPhone images be any tinier/poorer quality?

Will (hopefully) update an improvement on Monday.

xx bmt


foto 3

Changed the lineup a bit, applying Essence Studio Nails XXL Nail Thickener as base early in the afternoon and performing the rest of the layers in the evening, which stank to high heaven all night long…

Every other nail:

2x Big Universo Rotse, 1x Piggy Polish Lunar Halo

2x China Glaze Princess Grace, 1x China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat

All, 1x Out the Door Top Coat

foto 1

No cleanup yet… this photo was taken with my silly phone upon awakening, and cleanup for this frosty mani will consist of the lazy mode of jumping in the shower with a nail brush. 🙂

I envisioned this as a pearly inside-of-a-seashell kind of thing to accompany a handbag I own that has a shell handle.  Will try to get images of the combo if workday allows.

xx #2, bmt


Collections: Rosas e roxos da Risque Penelope Charmosa

Penelope Charmosa is the Penelope Pitstop of my parochial kindergarten years. The linguist in me wonders why they didn’t retain the consonance + more precise meaning in translation, as is standard practice for any translator worth his salt: P-P is easy enough to imitate in Portuguese…

These bottles + colors = a certain kitsch tackiness of my mid-1970s kindergarten years as well. Endless excursions to K-Mart, Longs Drugs, Thrifty Drug (Rite Aid’s former name)…




Armadilha Rosa, Atitude Pink, Apuro Violeta

Pink Snare, Pink Attitude, Violet Distress




Penelope Charmosa, Pink Vigarista

Penelope Pitstop, Hustler Pink


Armadilha Rosa, Atitude Pink, Apuro Violeta, Penelope Charmosa, Pink Vigarista


And cos I’ll never show you these otherwise…




All of the above were 4 coats on the nail wheel, for Pen Charmo AND Big Universo!  Four!  As Brazilian bloggers would comment, raliiiiinhooooos (super thin)…

The Big Universos are much more neon and less jelly sheer in real life.

xx beijinhos

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Sand & sea beauties

2014-04-19 18.22.31

2014-04-19 13.04.07

2014-04-19 18.24.56

2014-04-19 18.25.54

2014-04-19 18.29.37

Jellyfish sandwich recipe:

Base coat

2x Big Universo Canel

1x Etude House Bling in the Sea BBL603

1x Big Universo Canel

1x Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat

xx blueberry milk tea

Inspiration: Marie Antoinette a la Sofia Coppola pale green taffetas, satins and silks

What an enormously beautiful palette this movie was composed with, a delectable feast for the eyeballs.  I watched it last night in French this time, playing the game of mentally naming varnish colors in my collection that correspond to what I was viewing ecstatically on screen.  Peripherally, I found that this helped to focus the organization and initiation of my “green shelf” swatching:  I’ve been holding off on this project since there are more minty crèmes on the way in the post from Brazil which I don’t intend to exclude (in addition, any time I’ve gone to a drugstore in the past six months, I pick up another one!).

Beginning with these pale greens with shimmer and sheen is perfection, as they mimic the texture of the sumptuous fabrics I love so much in the movie.  Additionally, I can show you some Etude House — I have both of the Etoinette Versailles Nails sets, which I’ve not yet featured in their entirety… here is one containing a mint green with barely there gold shimmer.  Once I had corralled these for swatching on the nail wheel, I remembered more bottles here and there which had been forgotten, so the nail wheel is all mixed up re shade and tone, but I did attempt to better organize the bottle shots.  Et voila!



Nail wheel order, 2-3x each depending on varnish:

Essence Me & My Ice Cream TE 02 Always in My Mint – gorgeous once it dries, pearly microshimmer adds depth, but application was streaky and fussy on the nail wheel. This bottle shape always has a brush that looks nice, but is too hard and straight, dragging the varnish along with it and making streaks where none should be. Reason why I sat on my hands and didn’t purchase any nail varnish from the Kalinka TE, as much as I was tempted…

Impala Cores do Oceano Conchas – Wow! Lightest blue and pink microshimmery sheer palest green. Perhaps this layered over the Essence above would make Essence shape up, although both look perfectly beautiful on their own. I didn’t buy anything from the Sinful Colors sheer collection out now, even the pale green and lightest blue shimmers, cos I knew I had this awaiting me…

F21 Love & Beauty Seafoam – another rather dusty greygreen-leaning stunner with glassfleck shimmer. This has been in the swatching queue for years along with Essie Maximilian Strasse-Her and Zoya Bevin, among others, but I removed it cos the others are crème finishes. F21 L&B polishes (in the old bottles, don’t know about the new) are super sparkly shimmery in the bottles and tend to apply with a rather disappointing flat finish on the nail. I think this one might be an exception, if I can get it on my nails before it dries out!

Big Universo Lemonade – yellow-leaning sheer green base with bright green shimmer. I adore all of my BUs and wanted this for the longest while, but I don’t wear them much cos when I do, they never ever dry.

MAC Relic – a darker version of Essence Natventurista TE Chirp, Chirp! (which methinks one of the most gorgeous varnishes ever sighted). This polish is at least 11 years old; it’s all I used to wear at one point. Not at all attractive in the frosted glass cube, even looked creepy upon first application to the nail wheel, but dried to an amazing muted non-streaky bronzegreygreen pearl with subtle pink sheen. This has been up for swap for some time, but I will remove it from my swap list stat.

Etude House Mint Leaf – EH always hits it out of the park. I don’t have one measly varnish from them I don’t love. This one I’m practically rationing since the bottle is so tiny and it’s still untried. Two very thin coats on the nail wheel; a perfectly muted green with finest gold microshimmer that you can actually see on the nail.

Eyeko Pastel Polish – seemingly thin formula, base leans more bluegreen a la Essie Mint Candy Apple, but also has a blue-violet sheen/shimmer that enhances the blue in the base. I like it; reminds me of pastilles.

Jordana Lemon Tropic – very bluegreen pearl with gold sheen. It holds its own as a silken sash or satin ribbon on a boudoir dressing table.

Essence C&G 146 That’s What I Mint! – I was prepared yesterday to buy several backups of this while it’s still available here in the U.S. It looks perfect on shelf and in the bottle and likely is just that — color is amazing blue-leaning green with same white microsheen as the Me & My Ice Cream TE pale green, application is perfect in one coat, although I used two on the nail wheel.

Essence Beauty Beats TE 02 I’m Backstage – Much bluer than That’s What I Mint! due to intense bright blue microshimmer. Appears more garishly turquoise-leaning than I expected, with a thin, streaky formula (maybe this could have been remedied with a third coat). Still, fits right in with Marie Antoinette’s sherbet-y taffeta palette.

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Gentle Blossom – thickest, saturated icy bright mint formula of all, with a rather dull finish in spite of all the shimmer, the way that F21 varnishes usually dry. This is pretty, but I never ever used it after manicuring Maman‘s nails with it.

Essence Natventurista TE 02 Chirp, Chirp! – see above comments re MAC Relic. This is a lighter version of that varnish, less frosty and more pearly sheer, definitely multichrome sheen. Pink, gold, green and white microshimmer in a sheer khaki pearlescent base. My number one of all time. Caveat — it has that weird hard even-bristled brush which drags the subtle gorgeousness of the varnish and makes it streak horribly…

Au revoir,

Bises xx blueberry the au lait