New in: a full parcel stacked three rows high

I spent the entire Friday (aka Black Friday) following U.S. Thanksgiving hovering over my computer at intervals, leisurely adding varnish after varnish to my cart on the Ninja Polish site, then meticulously editing, until I ended up with this:

Nfu-Oh 37, 40, 46, 51, 56, 59

Nfu-Oh Aqua Base (for holographic varnishes), 62, 63, 64

Layla 11 Shock Pink

I didn’t order as many Nfu-Oh holos as I would have liked, since I was skittish about duds.

These three, however, are a trio of winners.  Lots of magic holo fairy dust in those bottles …

Hits Meninas Superpoderosas/Powerpuff Girls Docinho

Layla Ceramic Effect CE 56 – a really wow warmer-leaning green with a dusting of pale sheen.  Have a hunch I’m gonna really like this one…

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Magnifica – a perfumed aqua blue holo

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Emocionante – a perfumed crazy multichrome

Layla Ceramic Effect CE 63 – Chocolate Truffle.  I’ve wanted this one forever, sight unseen.

It’s better than my wildest dreams … more multichrome and faceted than I had imagined, better than OPI Teas-y Does It and the Nubar Chocolate series combined … and that’s not having been let out of the bottle yet 🙂

Tristam, Sleeping Palace, Guinevere, Galahad

Red Show 06, 07, 09 … these are even more incredible than I had anticipated.

New Prism 06 Teleportation, Top for Darks 603, Top for Darks 608

Don’t Tell Mademoiselle!

Meet Me at Coral Island

The Pinky & The Brain

Fred Said Red

Bloody Mary to Go

Robert’s Red Ford

Hello Kitty Lemon Pie Kit: Mint, Gum, Melon

Hello Kitty Apple Pie Kit:  Sweet, Candy, Apple

Hello Kitty Blueberry Pie Kit:  Blueberry, Plum, Fizzy

Fizzy leaked some gunky glue-like stuff onto herself and Blueberry.

All three bottles are otherwise clean and open fine.

I’m so weary of scrubbing up bottles that I left these as is :/

Copper Pot, Indigo, Coffee Love, Magic Flow

I put these together as my Viva El Salvador! group, since indigo and coffee used to be major exports until they were seemingly outshone by the maras.

Color-Changing Garnet, Mystic Glacier, Divinity

My chosen gifts with purchase 🙂  Divinity has an even better reputation than Clarins 230!

Lightshow, Nonfat Soy Half Caff, Leotard Optional, Glimmer More, Pink Platinum

I also bought yet another backup of SOPI Metro Chic, since who knows when we’ll see these old bottles again?

This was a mid-week discount retailer pick-me-up whilst awaiting the brick o’ varnish that arrived at my doorstep today. 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea

Multichrome Comparison Library Volume IX, Deluxe Edition



All, 3x

1 – OPI Ruble for Your Thoughts

2 – F21 L&B Amber, 1x + NYC Summer 2012 LE 273 Golden Glam, 2x

3 – China Glaze Cabin Fever

4 – Chanel 675 Troublante

5 – Star Gazer 307

6 – Sally Girl Galaxy

7 – Hard Candy Beetle

8 – Orly Space Cadet

9 – Orly Color Blast Mistress of All Evil

10 – Claire’s Venomous

11 – Sadok Lambda

12 – OPI Muir Muir on the Wall

13 – Hits Mari Moon Unconventional

14 – F21 L&B Red/Multi

15 – Accessorize Pink Spice

16 – Claire’s Poison Apple

17 – OPI Canadian Maple Leaf (black label)

18 – Essie Sassy Satchel (black label)


Images now, words later … I’m plumb tuckered out!

xx blueberry milk tea

P.S.  Wish I had Deborah Lippmann Marrakesh Express, RBL Elvis in the Cloud, Alessandro Merry Poppins, MAC Mean & Green or Accessorize Aztec to compare …

I swapped away MAC Bad Fairy and OPI The Show Must Go On long ago. :/

Hi-ho-lo silver (and grey and black) comparisons, part II

An extension of this post.  Swatched and composed whilst watching Gravity on DVD.


First, yet another image of la Fontana (Vogue Paris, August 2008) channeling la irreplaceable Winehouse, q.e.p.d., mi reina.


Above ‘n below: China Glaze Fairy Dust, Flormar 392, Risqué Isabeli Fontana Star, Mohda Intensificador Holografico.



Above ‘n below: Essence Colour & Go Can’t Cheat On Me, Impala Celebrate Brinde Comigo!, Nfu-Oh 61 (dud version, not sure which in the dud sequence), Dance Legend T-1000.



Above ‘n below: Glitter Gal Green 3D/Holo (included here cos it’s silvery with a green cast), Kiko Holographic 400, China Glaze Holographic Cosmic Dust



Above ‘n below: Catherine Arley 667, Layla Flash Black



Above ‘n below:  Hits Speciallita No Olimpo Zeus, Glitter Gal Lizard Belly 3D/Holo (green base, but it’s a blackened green!)



Beginning at 7pm-ish, clockwise, 2x each:

1 – China Glaze Fairy Dust, oh-so-fine holo particles

2  – Flormar 392, guau!

3 – Risqué Isabeli Fontana Star, not my favorite but someone in the shop liked it cos all gummed up and tested when she arrived to me.

4 – Mohda Intensificador Holografico, larger holo particles

5 – Essence Colour & Go Can’t Cheat On Me, not-so-holo

6 – Impala Celebrate Brinde Comigo!, love this, subtle fine scattered and linear holo

7 – Nfu-Oh 61 (dud version, not sure which in the dud sequence) – chunky and icky albeit a brand new bottle

8 – Dance Legend T-1000 – wow, wow, wow… smooth and HOLO a la ChG OMG on steroids

9 – Glitter Gal Green 3D/Holo (included here cos it’s silvery with a green cast) – pretty!

10 – Kiko Holographic 400 – wanted to love this like I love the beige one in the series, but it’s much darker swatched than in the bottle with less holo and didn’t look or wear so hot on my nails

11 – China Glaze Holographic Cosmic Dust – big disappointment; I paid full price of $14 USD for this when it first debuted last year.  I’ll never forget how it flew off my nail in a complete layer when I was getting out of my car… there was a small yet intact sheet of holo paint visible on the parking lot asphalt!

12 – Catherine Arley 667 – my bottle or swatch doesn’t look as holo as others I’ve seen

13 – Layla Flash Black – want to love this, but it doesn’t look good on me

14 – Hits Speciallita No Olimpo Zeus – ditto #13

15 – Glitter Gal Lizard Belly 3D/Holo – ditto #13

xx blueberry milk tea

Summertime roundup: now complete with swatches

Done! And I even found some unintended PFFs in the bunch. This could be a never-ending endeavor, one I wish I hadn’t begun

I’ll first show you the Polish Friends Forever I’ve discovered. I worked very hard on swatching and listing the Summertime Roundup nail wheel colors (two coats each!), but wasn’t impressed with the overall images. The PFFs are more interesting…


So here we have Sinful Colors 1258 Eva So Bright, Sinful Colors 108 Timbleberry and Catrice Revoltaire LE C03 Colour Bomb. Eva So Bright is just a wee bit lighter than Timbleberry, and Timbleberry has greater opacity and saturation than Colour Bomb. Aside from that, declared total PFFs…


On the nail wheel, the order is reversed. From L to R: Colour Bomb, Timbleberry, Eva So Bright.


PFFs Eva So Bright, Timbleberry, Colour Bomb

Next up, Essence Fantasia TE 02 Queen of My Cloud Castle and Chanel 549 Distraction. Both are medium salmon pink-orange with fine hot pink shimmer. Essence looks like it has some additional silver veining as well; it’s slightly brighter and flashier than Chanel on the nail wheel, but not by much…




Nail wheel, L to R: Chanel 549 Distraction, Essence Fantasia TE 02 Queen of My Cloud Castle


This last set of PFFs sort of tagged along with the herd of glitters, multichromes and shimmers that have just a touch of orange or copper or whatever (in case you’re wondering what they’re doing here!)…




Loradew Better Girl 14


Catrice 22 Bricky Mouse


OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes


Sinful Colors 1110 Pandora


Nail wheel, L to R:
Loradew Better Girl 14 – largest shimmer particles and brightest of the group, most pink-red
Catrice 22 Bricky Mouse – very close to OPI GGTS, larger shimmer particles and a bit rosier toned
OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes – fine shimmer sheen, darker and browner base color than Bricky Mouse
Sinful Colors 1110 Pandora – leans most rust-toned of the group, with least visible shimmer

And now to the roundup!


Clockwise, from 12 noon:

1. Sally Hansen CSM 140 Peachy Keen*
2. Sally Hansen CSM 210 Naked Ambition
3. Risque Po de Arroz
4. Etude House Nymph Aura Glam Nails, 02 Pure Pink
5. Essence Me & My Ice Cream 04 Icylicious*
6. Orly Who’s Who Pink
7. Catrice 21 Rosy One More Time*
8. Ludurana Duochrome Orange-Blue
9. Chanel 493 Jade Rose
10. Orly Honeymoon in Style
11. Hits Meninhas Superpoderosas Doce de Leite*
12. Catrice 830 Salmon & Garfunkel*
13. Revlon Scented Apricot Pastry*
14. Catrice 520 Apropos Apricot*
15. Essence Nude Glam 08 Peach & Cream*
16. Winwax Nail French 10*
17. Etude House Versailles Nails 01 Versailles Rose, 01 Water Rose
18. Revlon Colorstay 025 Seashell*


Clockwise, from 12 noon:

1. Catrice Hip Trip LE C03 The Salmon Dance
2. Barry M NP 318 Peach Melba*
3. Sinful Colors 1173 Orange Cream
4. Catrice Hidden World LE C02 Walk on Air
5. Risque Penelope Charmosa – Toque de Penelope
6. Catrice Urban Baroque LE Biscuits & Cupcakes
7. F21 Love & Beauty Salmon*
8. NYC 269 Peach Sparkle*
9. Essence Cherry Blossom Girl TE 04 It’s Peach Not Cherry
10. Sinful Colors 853 Cloud 9*
11. Orly Crush on You*
12. Claire’s Dreamsicle*
13. Essence Home Sweet Home TE 01 Caramel Cheese Cake
14. Barry M Web Effects* over Sinful Colors 834 UFO (effects don’t work over glitter on nail wheel)
15. F21 Love & Beauty Peach*
16. Risque Twiggy (matte – see those tiny black specks?  Weird… )
17. Zoya Gabrielle*
18. Catrice 170 I Scream Peach!*


Clockwise from 12 noon:

1. Zoya Soho Punch
2. Orly Cotton Candy
3. Sinful Colors 1103 Island Coral
4. Essence Oz Great & Powerful TE Cracking Top Coat 04 Winged Wonder* over Zoya Soho Punch (doesn’t work well over glitter on nail wheel)
5. Catrice Hip Trip LE C04 Wheels on Fire
6. NYX NPS 122 Coral Sensation*
7. Barry M NP 305 Pink Flamingo
8. Catrice 820 Pimp My Shrimp*
9. Essence Fantasia TE 02 Queen of my Cloud Castle*
10. Chanel 549 Distraction
11. China Glaze Flirty Tankini*
12. Revlon Colorstay 110 Marmalade*
13. Essence Cherry Blossom Girl TE 03 Cherry Cherry Girl
14. Essence Colour & Go 46 Wake Up!*
15. Chanel 617 Holiday
16. Impala Cores do Oceano Vermelho Coral
17. Risque Nunca Fui Santa
18. Revlon Colorstay Sunburst


Clockwise from 12 noon:

1. Sinful Colors 803 Tapping Nails*
2. Sinful Colors 1258 Eva So Bright
3. Sinful Colors 108 Timbleberry
4. Catrice Revoltaire LE C03 Colour Bomb
5. Sinful Colors 1122 Energetic Red
6. NYC 130 Classic Coral Creme
7. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine GNP8 Grapefruit*
8. OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again!
9. Sinful Colors 1207 Beau Brique
10. Sinful Colors 1251 I Dream in Jewels*
11. Color Club 858 Wild & Willing*
12. F21 Love & Beauty Amber*
13. OPI Warm & Fozzie*
14. Paul & Joe 011 Prism*
15. Loradew Better Girl 14
16. Catrice 22 Bricky Mouse
17. OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes*
18. Sinful Colors 1110 Pandora*

*For sale or trade, please inquire!

xo one weary cowgirl, blueberry milk tea


Summertime roundup: three rows deep, y’all

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Yeeesh, this was a lotta work lassoing these all together onto one shelf. But now that they’re corralled, it’ll be that much easier to swatch and photograph them in detail for you. In spite of my best efforts, I’ve overlooked quite a few and will rustle up them stragglers in the next few weeks.

xo your earnest cowgirl,
blueberry milk tea

Multichrome comparison library, volume one: Péridot et cie.

L to R: Grandmama Chanel, Hits Mari Moon Trendy, Catrice Genius in the Bottle, OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, Hits Mari Moon Cool

L to R: Grandmama Chanel, Hits Mari Moon Trendy, Catrice Genius in the Bottle, OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, Hits Mari Moon Cool. A shady, eerie blue perspective of these popular multichromes. In the photo below, swatches are in reverse order.

Multichrome from another perspective, in reverse order from first photo.

Other polishes in this vein:

17 – Potion Nail

Anny – 372 Most Wanted

Artdeco – 226 Chameleon Most Golden

Artdeco – 227 Peacock Feather Green

Bourjois mini – Fashion Show à New York 87*

China Glaze – Rare & Radiant

Ciaté – Oil Slick

Color Club – Editorial

Deborah Lippmann – Swagga Like Us

Deborah Milano Shine Tech Scarabeo – 72

Douglas Absolute Nails – Fireworks

Finger Paints – Bombshell*

Gap – Gold Rush

Golden Rose Classic Metallics 03

Jessica – Iridescent Eye

Kiko Duochrome Lacquer No. 395

Maybelline Color Show – Boho Gold*

Misslyn – Peacock LE – 722 Chameleon

p2 – 860 Ready to Rock!

Revlon Chroma Chameleon – Gold

Revlon Chroma Chameleon – Rose Gold

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine – Plume

Sephora – Diving in Malaysia

Sephora by OPI – S-age is Just a Number

S-he 317

Sinful Colors – Snake it Out [magnetic python pattern duochrome!]*

Topshop – Hidden Treasure