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Ombre roses

Seashell, Gelato, IV, Wild Mink

Steal His Name, Lion Around, Innocent, My Place or Yours, Your Hut or Mine, Mrs. Always Right, Swept Off My Feet

Trouville, Southern Bell(e)

Above and below, beautiful at one coat

Below, even more beautiful at two coats


Below, the back story.

Desire is an invasive and unreasonable motivator.

Early last summer, I had lined up all of the above and below in order to convince myself that I did NOT need, nor need to buy, the China Glazes, Essies, NARS or L.A. Girl …

… that I obviously ended up buying anyway. 🙂

Essence Colour & Go 153 Sweet or Nude?

Innisfree Pro 76

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Mauve It

Peripera PK007

Innisfree Pro 162, 161, 163

Etude House Play Nail Forest Aurora Collection 380

Kiko 486 Tea Rose

Innisfree Pro 164

Kiko 365 Tattoo Rose

Orly Pink Chocolate (this bottle comes before the two above in my swatch notebook, it’s out of order in the lineup)

Flower Aster Place

Kure Bazaar Tea Rose

Kiko 364 Dark Crimson

Wet n Wild Haze of Love

Sonia Kashuk Spice It Up

Nature Republic 51

xx blueberry milk tea

all ombred out 🙂

PFF Series: international purple accords

The Americans and South Koreans came to immediate agreement …

Essie Spring 2016 Lounge Lover – Shade On

Innisfree x Paul Frank – 183

Italian diplomats Kiko 331 and 332 opted for a decidedly paternal approach.

Members of the American delegation bonded in fraternity.

Nina Ultra Pro Lilac-ing Discipline

OPI A Grape Fit

The Brazilians got catty with a bright Brit.

Hits Speciallita Hello Kitty set – Plum

Nails Inc. Lexington Gardens

American NYX ASF Lavender sidled up in appreciation of British Nails Inc.’s warmth.

China Glaze All Aboard felt rather ostracized due to misidentification.

She is by all appearances a rather muted American national, but was mistaken due to her name badge for bored mainland Chinese.

A lively German joined the talks, quickly stepping into line, just as a doppelganger delegate from South Korea showed up in support of her countrywoman.

Catrice 130 Lucky in Lilac

Nature Republic 22

Brash American WnW On a Trip horned in next to her younger, more subdued fellow Yank Essie.

Members of the American and Italian contingents felt right at home with the exceedingly bright Turks and Swedes.

Flormar Super Neon Colors N009

Face Stockholm One Hundred Seven

New York representatives Nolita’s Lavender and Jacaranda Flower remained a mere vote shy between them of reaching purple peace.

Although American OPI Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm’s and Brazilian Impala Fun Ploc’s stomachs were churning, they managed to stand tall and make pointed remarks, respectively.

Brit Rimmel and Yank China Glaze found affinity with the beleaguered North-South American pair.

Rimmel Salon Pro Purple Rain

When session reconvenes:  the roundtable, aka the nail wheel.

xx blueberry milk tea

Toasty brown holos + li’l monkey man for CNY!

In the wee hours of last night I ordered these Innisfree x Paul Frank varnishes in honour of the Year of the Monkey …

Innisfree Paul Frank promo

… but they likely won’t arrive in my stockpile until early March.

So, let’s monkey around with what we’ve got!

Nfu-Oh 62, Formula X for Sephora Hera, NCLA The World Orbits Around Me, Layla Coffee Love

Nfu-Oh 62

Formula X for Sephora Hera

NCLA The World Orbits Around Me

Layla Coffee Love


All, 3x


gung hay fat choy!
xx blueberry milk tea

South Korea, land of milk + honey

… and yoghurt 🙂

Coconut Milk, 3x

Mint Milk, 2x

Bebe Milk, 2x

Rose Milk, 2x (has a bit of shimmer)

Ice Milk, 2x

Carrot Milk, 2x

(No Milk Creamy Nail Base or Top Coat)

All, 2x

03 Egg Cream Beige

04 Super Duper Beige

05 Gateau d’Or

06 Caramelise

No (01) Base Coat (pictured far left above in bottle lineup) or Top Coat (don’t own)

The Face Shop Yogurt Series

Lemon Candy, Strawberry Milk, Grape Juice

Nature Republic GWH002 Milk Yogurt, GGR603 Mint Yogurt

All, 2x

Innisfree 85, Raspberry Yogurt

Revlon Whimsical (for comparison above and below)

L to R, above and below:

Innisfree 85 Raspberry Yogurt

TFS Strawberry Milk Yogurt

TFS Grape Juice Yogurt

TFS Lemon Candy Yogurt

NR Milk Yogurt

Revlon Whimsical

NR Mint Yogurt

Skin Food Mint Milk and Ice Milk have the best formulae

Skin Food Honey 04 Super Duper Beige looks best on me of these four

Skin Food Honey 06 Caramelise is a sheer gel varnish

Of the yoghurt series, TFS Strawberry Milk and NR Mint Milk flatter me most

Which would you prefer to be served?

xx blueberry milk tea

PFF Series: silver multiglitters

Barry M Silver Multi Glitter – thanks to alelvi123 for this gorgeous piece of work!

Sinful Colors Charmed – a PFF to Barry M in every sense, including terrific formula

NOPI Look at Me, Look at Me – think this was a Target exclusive back in 2012?  I sat on my hands for her when I found out alelvi123 was procuring Barry M for me.  When I recently spotted her at a discount retailer, I succumbed to a fit of nostalgia and snatched her up. She reads cooler and darker than the true PFFs above.

Innisfree 102 – Cherry Blossom, from the Poem Nail collection.  This is not just silver, it’s gold, silver, pink, blue… a la the DL mermaids, but better.

2x each on the nail wheel

xx sparklin’ blueberry milk tea

Multichrome Comparison Library, Volume VII: Models Own Indian Ocean & Associated Aquatic Beauties





Wet n Wild Toppings 2013 Sprinkled with Love, OPI Breathe Life, OPI Maliblue


Scherer Chameleon Blue Frost, Wet n Wild Color Icon Bejeweled 2012 Bow In My Presence, Models Own Indian Ocean


China Glaze Blue Without U, OPI Baby Blue, H&M Norwegian Sky


Innisfree Poem Nail 101 Girl’s Skirt, F21 L&B Blue/Multi


Innisfree Poem Nail 101 Girl’s Skirt, F21 L&B Blue/Multi, Max Factor Dazzling Blue, Petites by Scherer Ocean Breeze


2x each:

1 – Wet n Wild Toppings 2013 Sprinkled with Love [dupish to WnW Bejeweled 2012 Speak When Spoken To and ChG Prismatics 2012 Liquid Crystal]

2 – OPI Breathe Life [thanks to hollycoffeebean for this one]

3 – OPI Maliblue [has just a tad more yellowgreen color shift than Breathe Life, but maybe it’s an old and yellowed mislabeled Breathe Life.  It arrived to me unlabeled and with a China Glaze skinny brush!]

4 – Scherer Chameleon Blue Frost

5 – Wet n Wild Color Icon Bejeweled 2012 Bow In My Presence [dupish to ChG Prismatics 2012 Optical Illusion and predecessor to WnW Toppings 2013 Frosted Over]

6 – Models Own Indian Ocean [thanks to alelvi123 for this one]

7 –  China Glaze Blue Without U [thanks to hollycoffeebean for this one]

8 – OPI Baby Blue [Japanese/Asian market only]

9 – H&M Norwegian Sky

10 – Innisfree Poem Nail 101 Girl’s Skirt [dupish to Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream]

11 – F21 L&B Blue/Multi

12 – Max Factor Dazzling Blue [thanks to alelvi123 for this one]

13 – Petites by Scherer Ocean Breeze [turquoise to purple color shift, not showing up much in these images]





Best $0.99 ever spent… these are discontinued and went on clearance some time ago.




Without a doubt, the best $2.80 ever spent!


I had to sit on my hands not to edit out those magenta specks…


Lots of ladies complained re the lollipop bottles, but I thought them very Japanese [though made in China] and therefore cool, since I’d seen these bottles on Japanese blogs long ago, filled with other brands’ varnishes… the Bejeweled collection, right, has a giant brush and very thick formula in comparison to Toppings, left.



H&M Norwegian Sky was a shocker once applied to the nail wheel… opaque minty greenblue, in one coat!  In the bottle, it is a whited out sky blue with turquoise to pink color shifting shimmer.


Here we are at fall equinox and I’ve just gotten round to revisiting the multichrome comparison libraries, my initial raison d’etre for inaugurating blueberry milk tea. 😉

I’ve been sitting on this light blue volume for more than a year, as I was waiting on Misa Decadent Drifter, Misslyn Dragonfly, Orly Angel Rain and SpaRitual It’s Raining Men.  Although each of those varnishes fell through for different reasons, I unwittingly ended up acquiring others in their places.

This color family is dedicated to my son BB, who learned to surf this past summer and still can’t get used to the idea that another school year has begun.  For you, mi’jo, this and the ensuing farewell-to-last-season series of posts I shall deem “Endless Summer” (since I’m so tardy to the party, always).

xx blueberry milk tea / mami

Ode to purple, stanza I: glitter beauty shots and comparisons

O purple, how do I love thee?

Let me count the glittery ways…


Above and below, Ella Effect Color Purple, Kleancolor 131 Silver Lining, Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper 01 It’s Purplicious




Above and below:  Essence 01 It’s Purplicious (small particle version; there are two or three versions of this topper knocking about Earth), Top Beauty Ultimate Glitter Tokio Girl, Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded 02 Julia (German for Juliet, lol, for real!), Essence Hugs & Kisses TE 03 Crazy in Love



Above and below, 1x each:  Ella, Kleancolor, Essence Purplicious, Top Beauty, Essence Julia, Essence Crazy in Love.  Ella shows her violet flash not at all in these images.  Kleancolor is a stunning gold-silver mix with the occasional light purple sequin.  Essence Crazy in Love has silver holo hearts every once in a while…






Innisfree 108 Aquarius, Realce Glitter Roxo 613



Innisfree 108 Aquarius, Realce Glitter Roxo 613, Wet n Wild Mega Rocks 498 At Will Call, Essence Snow White TE 01 Evil Queen






Final strophe, L to R:

Ella Effect Color Purple

Kleancolor 131 Silver Lining

Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper o1 It’s Purplicious

Top Beauty Ultimate Glitter Tokio Girl

Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded 02 Julia

Essence Hugs & Kisses 03 Crazy in Love

Innisfree 108 Aquarius

Realce Glitter Roxo 613

Wet n Wild Mega Rocks 498 At Will Call

Essence Snow White TE 01 Evil Queen

xx b.(m)t. cummings