Great balls of fiery rainbow holo, part II

A long overdue continuation of part I, here.

L.A. Girls 3D Effects GNL 307, Sparkle Ruby

L.A. Girls 3D Effects GNL 305, Dazzling Pink

Layla Shock Pink

I painted this wheel long ago and it was none too sparkly, so I gave it a dusting off and each chip a fresh coat.

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Magnifica

NCLA Drop of Teal (why do almost all of my NCLA holos have wonky brushes? I avoid them due to this serious flaw …)

Sephora Formula X Athena

Etude House Play Nail #4 (I regret missing out on the other holos from this series — Etude House and its Korean contemporaries varnishes are my personal favourites, bar none)

Bonita Forget Me Not – not holo, but not forgotten either

NCLA Mermaid Tales

2-3 coats each

A-England Sleeping Palace

Bonita Flirty Shirley

NCLA Iridescent Dreams

Nfu-Oh 64

Sephora Formula X Aphrodite (almost bought another bottle in the clearance bin at 75% off the other day, forgetting I already have this … it leans more silvery under horrible shop lighting)

Nfu-Oh 63 (o heavenly flame)

NCLA Vacation on Mars

xx blueberry milk tea

Ombre roses

Seashell, Gelato, IV, Wild Mink

Steal His Name, Lion Around, Innocent, My Place or Yours, Your Hut or Mine, Mrs. Always Right, Swept Off My Feet

Trouville, Southern Bell(e)

Above and below, beautiful at one coat

Below, even more beautiful at two coats


Below, the back story.

Desire is an invasive and unreasonable motivator.

Early last summer, I had lined up all of the above and below in order to convince myself that I did NOT need, nor need to buy, the China Glazes, Essies, NARS or L.A. Girl …

… that I obviously ended up buying anyway. 🙂

Essence Colour & Go 153 Sweet or Nude?

Innisfree Pro 76

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Mauve It

Peripera PK007

Innisfree Pro 162, 161, 163

Etude House Play Nail Forest Aurora Collection 380

Kiko 486 Tea Rose

Innisfree Pro 164

Kiko 365 Tattoo Rose

Orly Pink Chocolate (this bottle comes before the two above in my swatch notebook, it’s out of order in the lineup)

Flower Aster Place

Kure Bazaar Tea Rose

Kiko 364 Dark Crimson

Wet n Wild Haze of Love

Sonia Kashuk Spice It Up

Nature Republic 51

xx blueberry milk tea

all ombred out 🙂

Great balls of fiery rainbow holo – part I

Guerlain Violet Sparkle, DL Teleportation, Jade Aurora, Color Club Cloud Nine, DL Spectrum

Layla Red Taboo, Bonita Do the Flamingo

China Glaze TTYL, Jade Sunset, China Glaze TMI

China Glaze 2NITE, A-England Dancing with Nureyev, L.A. Girl GNL306 Brilliant Blue

Impala Realize Tudo, China Glaze DV8, Jade Diamond Twist, L.A. Girl GNL303 Teal Dimension, Bonita Mo’ Money

Jade Twist is not actually holographic:  it’s a sheer multichrome that struts its stuff best over dark varnishes.

These Bonita bottles are only USD $1.50!

All 2x

Done late last year … upcoming are the 2016 additions!

xx blueberry milk tea

New in: purple holos

Above:  IDK, Gamer Glam

Above:  LOL, Virtual Violet

Above:  A-England Fonteyn, Jindie Nails You Can’t Turn a Ho-lo into a Housewife, ChG IDK, ChG Gamer Glam, ChG LOL, ChG Virtual Violet

Above:  ChG LOL, ChG Virtual Violet, L.A. Girl 3D Effects Purple Effect, Teeez! Outta Control

Teeez! hails from the Netherlands; I received her from darling Elise in Belgium about four years ago!

I inadvertently deleted prior photos of her, however, so I sneaked her in on the tail end here…

So gorgeous they even glow indoors …

IDK, linear holo, from OMG Spring 2008 collection, 2BKEWL set

Gamer Glam, scattered holo, from Tronica Spring 2011 collection

LOL, linear holo, from OMG Spring 2008 collection, 2BKEWL set

Virtual Violet, scattered holo, from Tronica Spring 2011 collection

L.A. Girl 3D Effects Purple Effect, purchased in 2012-2013 for alelvi123

(I traded my OPI DS Extravagance to alelvi123 so don’t have it to compare)

Teeez! can hold her own among any dark violet liner + scattered holos!

Don’t think I have any other purple holos quite this dark that I’ve compared previously …

You can click here to check! (Actually, the two Laylas are strong contenders …)

Catrice Dirty Berry is high up the ranks in my varnish hall of fame, but I neglected to include her here and deleted prior photos 🙂

xx (boysen-, black- and)  blueberry milk tea

Flakie freshener


2x L.A Girls Fruity Sparkling Peach

1x Colorama Melindrosa

1x Barry M CrystalGlaze

No base or top

Gotta keep some kind of varnish on the nails at all times, to avoid losing length on index fingers and thumbs due to inherent flakes, splits and snags on those nails.

After premature removal of this protection (I ordered the entire Essie Spring 2015 collection; Petal Pushers exploded in transit and grey varnish was thus all over my hands and nails, as well as neighbouring bottles, my kitchen floor, sink, wastebasket, etc. when the package was opened), that’s exactly what happened…

Now, with stumpier index and thumbnails, I’m able to better maneuver a newly-discovered collage app on my phone.  I love it in spite of my 14-year old son telling me he was using it back in 5th grade…

xx blueberry milk tea