Hostess of an international sparkle + shine party


Left hand guests, above:

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as base coat, 1x

USA – Essie Tennis Corset, tips only, 1x

Japan – Estessimo TINS – The Sacred Shine, dabbed on tips only

South Korea – Nature Republic 41 – Snow Shower, 1/4 nail tip only, 1x

South Korea – Etude House Forest Aurora Play Nail 375 – Morning Dew, 34 nail,  1x

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as top coat, 1x


Right hand guests, above:

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as base coat, 1x

Japan – Estessimo TINS – The Sacred Shine, 1/4 tips only, 1x

France – L’Oreal The Magic Top Coats – The True Diamond, uneven 3/4 nail, 1x

Italy – Kiko 3 in 1 Shine as top coat, 1x

xx blueberry milk tea

Collections: off-season theme with variations

From Chanel Fashion Night Out, Fall 2012

Kure Bazaar random trio, culled from my collection

So Vintage, Tea Rose, Phenomenal

Kiko Milano gorgeous random quint, plucked from my collection

366 Rose Terracotta, 375 Bois de Rose, 379 Eggplant, 486 Tea Rose, 499 Dahlia Mauve

From L’Oreal Fall 2015 Chateau Royale

Five of the seven members: 203 Wine Spritzer, 205 High Spirits, 207 Pinot Purple, 211 Sangria Splash, 213 Pass the Vino

All nail wheel swatches in this post, 3x each

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slideshow background is “The Captive” from Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust, Vintage Books edition copyright February 1970, translated by C.K. Scott Moncrieff

In the red — a teaser

Overwhelmed not only me, but my camera!

What a sight, what a task …

Organized by brand.

Once I get my hands on some sticks, I’ll swatch first by brand, then move the sticks around by shade as I have them in my drawer.

Yes, that drawer is on the verge of collapse! 🙂

Can never do these bottles justice.  They’re so much more beautiful in person.

Dior Lucky, Glory, Tie & Dye, Star, Pandore

Chanel Dragon, Coromandel, Lotus Rouge, Barcelona Red

Deborah Lippmann Sexyback, It’s Raining Men, Girls Jessa

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin

Rescue Beauty Lounge Gondoliere

Paul & Joe Annatto, Paprika

The bottom row, above, consists of flashy sparklers:

L’Apogee Be Happy Delicia

OPI You Only Live Twice, Ali’s Big Break

Dance Legend Red Show 06, 07, 09

Estee Lauder Fiery Hot

Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune # plum glitz

Misa Forgive, Forget, For Me I Will

Uslu Airlines KBJ Kings Canyon

Orly Precisely Poppy

American Apparel Lipstick

Sation Pink Fury, Baron Red

NYC Pink Promenade Crème, Times Square

CQ Pink Candy, Crème Berry, Cardinal

Revlon – Colorstay Delicious, Fearless, Revlon Red

Nails Inc. Festival Hyde Park, Kensington High Street

Barry M Raspberry

SH Insta-Dri Quick Fire, Ablazing!, Sonic Bloom, Rapid Red

SH X-treme Wear Heritage Red

Next up, a brand row-by-row with higher quality photos 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea

More Mavala reds on the way from Canada, and I’ve since realized I forgot to raid my Asian drawer for the above photos …

Hearts, flowers + chocolate






L to R, 2-3 coats, all, even Skinfood choco gradient:


L.A. Splash – Be Mine (ultrafine shimmery holo glitter, yellowgold-turquoise-green shift)

Sinful Colors – Love Sprinkles

L.A. Splash – LOL (holo + pastel rainbow glitter with pink, orange, blue, purple shift, not nearly as fine as Be Mine)

Nature Republic Style:lean – GRD504 Love Party


Sinful Colors – Shamrockin’

L’Oreal – Garden Bouquet

Dance Legend – Lavender (all matte, no shimmer)

Dance Legend – Viola (matte + ultrafine gold glitter)

Dance Legend – Primrose (matte + finest feather glitter, cannot detect colour)


Skinfood – Choco Smoky Nail Kit (Chic Brown)

1 – Pale gray, 3x

2 – Light gray, 2x

3 – Dark chocolate, 2x

All varnishes in this kit have finest rainbow shimmer

happy valentine’s day
xx blueberry milk tea

Sweater weather

Late in the evening on Christmas Day, I happened to look something up online (must have been varnish-related) and inadvertently spotted swatches of some gorgeous shade a la the multichromatic satin of Cinderella’s ball gown, yet not as saturated, not as periwinkle.

Turns out it was a member of the Cinderella Orly Color Blast collection, recalled from Walgreens stores in December, yet to be seen again.

I immediately hightailed it to two different stores on December 25, where I was greeted with blank stares upon inquiry, but I still ended up with Cinderella cotton swabs and a Cinderella highlighter + brush (all are fabulous, btw).

A few days later, I even ventured to the best-indoor (merchandise) yet worst-outdoor (vagrants, panhandlers) Walgreens in my area.

There, the SA knew exactly what I was talking about.

She casually related that all Cinderella Orly Color Blast merch was in the back, waiting until further notice from HQ to reshelve.

This information must have provoked a frightful facial expression from an elated me, as she immediately followed up by telling me that the products will not scan at the register until restock is approved.

Hence, I’ve been stalking Walgreens every chance I get, and I always (darn it!) leave with varnishes that are not the Cinderella darlings for which I came in …

From the untouched display of a L’Oreal festival-themed collection:  235 Boho Babe, 233 Sunkissed Silver, 243 Blissful Blue

Two coats each

Again, 2x each

I had to ask a clerk to get these down from an overhead display, and each escorted-to-the-cash-register bottle was covered in security stickers …

Barry M Confetti Marshmallow, SH Fuzzy Coat Wool Lite

2-3x each

I had Barry M first since I couldn’t bring myself to pay almost $7 USD for a monotone SH.

Yesterday, I spotted Wool Lite at Walgreens for around $1.50 USD, on clearance, last bottle, you know how it goes …

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Fuzz-sea, from same Walgreens clearance, USD $1.50

Two coats, in the middle, over L’Oreal Sunkissed Silver

China Glaze All a Flutter, also recently purchased on clearance

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat All Yarned Up, received free due to coupon stacking when it first came out

I was on the verge of purchasing the Barry M versions of Fuzz-sea and AYU, but I’m glad I didn’t …

… winter is too long to wear ugly varnishes, lol!

Above, L to R:

Barry M Marshmallow over L’Oreal Boho Babe

SH Wool Lite over L’Oreal Sunkissed Silver (my favourite combo)

ChG All a Flutter over L’Oreal Blissful Blue

SH All Yarned Up over L’Oreal Blissful Blue

xx blueberry milk tea (stay warm + fuzzy!)

De todo un poco

Spoils of my celebratory, self-congratulatory end-of-workweek discount retailer haul:


First off, the blues:

Orly Midnight Show, Fall 2015, $4 USD

SpaRitual Midnight Stroll, Fall 2013, $3 USD

From Spring 2014 Les Blancs:  Mint Glacee, Sweet Lilac, A La Meringue

$2 USD each.  My collection of all six Les Blancs is now complete!

OPI Sheer Tints, Spring 2014 (I culled this information online from several sources, but only remember these being introduced to the market in my area in Spring 2015.  I held out for the Essie versions instead, but never saw the full size bottles anywhere, only the mini quad…)

OPI Peanuts, Hallowe’en 2014

I’m Never Amberrassed, $4 USD

I Can Teal You Like Me, $4 USD

Where’s My Blanket???, $4 USD

To Be Or Not To Beagle, $4 USD

Limo-Scene, salon label, $4 USD

Brides No Grooms, Bridal 2015, $4 USD

Happy Wife, Happy Life, Bridal 2015, $4 USD

By choice, I now only lack one member of the Essie Bridal 2015 collection … 🙂

Fade Into Hue

Keep Calm, Paint On

Both from Avant Garden Spring 2013, $3 USD each

Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Candy Drops, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Make A Splash (no shimmer, I’ve seen versions with and sans shimmer), 2015

Sally Hansen CSM Perfect Pair, Bridal 2015

All, $2 USD


The most laborious phase of this haul was peeling off the sticky residue from the huge, messy price labels.

I grabbed thick, clear strips of shipping tape to help with this task.

Not one of these bottles, however, had leaked or been opened or tested.

I’ve been disappointed of late in receiving some quite pricey (and supposedly new) varnishes in the post that I’ve had to give a good douse of acetone ’round the gunky necks… so this was a surprisingly refreshing and rewarding shopping excursion!

Background is Fudge magazine (August 2015), Miu Miu pre-Fall 2015 editorial

Flowered mini-tote is from a Milkfed (Sofia Coppola’s Japan-only brand) 2011 mook

xx blueberry milk tea

Lucky charms

Poppy, this one’s for you!

Today, my only surviving grandparent and #1 man celebrates 90 years + one day on this Earth (his birthday was yesterday).

During my childhood, we always took time-outs from watching weekend football on TV, kicked back together hip-to-hip in a torn and lumpy recliner, to make a beer and cigarette run to the bodega in his mint-condition vintage Ford Bronco with the magnetic Smokey the Bear cigarette lighter cemented to the dashboard.

Since I was exempt from drinkin’ and smokin’, I was allowed to choose any item I wanted from the broad, expensive liquor store selection and my grandpa would buy it for me, no questions asked.

Usually, it was a thick Archie comics digest. Once, it was a frosty sky blue nail varnish. On another occasion, a more conservative Cutex shade called Fawn. (Yup, even way back when, I hankered after these little bottles…)

But most often, I would take advantage of my mother’s absence and get some verboten junk food, any junk food.

Like a box of Lucky Charms cereal (magically delicious!).

L’Oreal Garden Bouquet, Spring 2015
Sinful Colors Shamrockin’, St. Patrick’s Day 2015

A toast to Papa Kippy’s 91st year with a tall can of Coors, a Pall Mall and a handful of beer nuts!

xx blueberry milk tea