Little Sunday-into-Monday nails

Not too long ago, whilst indulging my perpetual curiosity online, I suddenly craved ownership of a certain two Lynderellas like nobody’s business: A Neutral Party and Puppy Cake.

Being that I’ve not ever worn a one of the Lynnderella residents currently leading the life of Riley in a top drawer of the Alex varnish condo, I abstained from immediate purchase of the two aforementioned. Instead, I got to work scouting other floors of the condo, chasing the varnish visions dancing in my head.

I didn’t have to look far: everything my little nails were wishing for (neutral but sparkly, tiny black dots, holo microshimmer, gold, silver, bronze and then some) turned out to be in residence — no spending the winter out at the warehouse for these favourites!

Problem child extraordinaire and confirmed favourite, Big Universo Canel

Sally Hansen CSM Paparazzi, Anna Sui 32C

China Glaze I’m Not Lion, OPI Wonderous Star

A member of the Etude House x Annika Wester Wannabe Syrup Nails trio
Maybelline Color Show The Nudes LE Bronze Beam

In an abundance of caution, because my formerly known as long nails were catching on my tights, splitting and peeling per usual, I thought to start things off right on Sunday with a base coat of this 18k gold hardener.

The subtle flakes add a neat underlayer dimension to one coat of transparent Canel …

The brushes I used to execute my idea on oh-so-tiny canvasses:

Slanted tip Impala – SH CSM Paparazzi, one coat gradient effect

Mint green fan – Anna Sui 32C, one swipe on tips

Essence denser fan – China Glaze I’m Not Lion, one swipe on tips

OPI Wonderous Star – daubed on very edge of nails with bottle brush, which netted a surprising density of little black dots

Impala fan brush – Etude House glitter, one swipe a little farther down the nail than the others, to about 1/4 – 1/2 of Paparazzi

Maybelline Color Show Bronze Beam – laid bottle brush flat on its side at intervals on tips

Finally, 1-2 coats of Rimmel Base + Top Coat.

Before polishing my nails, I had done two rounds of Gena Cuticle Remover (which contains lots of naturally-derived hydroxy and salicylic acids, but no lye or ammonia products that I could spot) in addition to nail oils, cuticle oils and Lush Charity Pot.

To the naked eye, my efforts appeared to be effective. iPhone images, however, are unforgiving, detecting and magnifying every flaw. Even if I wanted to correct the imperfections visible in the photos of my nails above, I couldn’t — they just don’t show up in real life (thank goodness)!

Last image was taken in my car, Monday afternoon sun.

xx blueberry milk tea

Endless Summer: multichrome + metallic moody oceania

… for an equally moody teenager, despondent since waves can no longer be caught whilst sitting in a classroom …

Sinful Colors, in order of their emergence on the scene and into my varnish drawers:

Gorgeous – 293

Palm Breezy – 1407

Sheer Flight (opalescent) – 1517

Kylie (denim + bling duochrome) Kameleon – 2097

Maybelline Color Show Holographic (?!?) 25 – Mystic Green

Dance Legend Mystery Collection 6 – Ghost Inside

Dior Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise Samba duo – 794

OPI S/S 2015 Hawaii – This Color’s Making Waves

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Topaz

Maybelline Color Show 700 Avante Green

H&M Lady Luck

Impala Rebelde Tweet’s

Impala Trem da Vida Verde Passaro

All first shown here

Sephora 67 Moody Woman

Misa 271 The Great Green Whatsit

Peripera P027 Metallic Green

Anny 368 Hello Hollywood

Missha HGR01

NOPI Mer-maid for Each Other (swatched with next batch on separate nail wheel since I ran out of chips)

Initially shown here, but I had inadvertently deleted the photos due to running out of space and not knowing I could purchase more :/

All swatches are two coats.

I’ll label the above photos soon, when I’m not so tired out!

NOPI Mer-maid for Each Other

Ulta Jaded

GOSH Golden Dragon

Maybelline Be Scene in Green

Ulta, GOSH and Maybelline were originally shown in this post, but those photos suffered the same ignominious fate as my other early efforts …

Dear BB, may you look back on your summer surf excursions with the same bittersweet nostalgia I feel upon plucking these oceanic beauties from their drawer … when every trip to the drugstore was an absolute delight, as the market was exploding with multichromes several years back — just as I had lost my job with scarce to no pocket money to spend on these little bottles of liquid gems. Fortunately, I had made wonderful international connections via a shared varnish passion, and many generous ladies granted my every wish and more. In spite of my long spell of unemployment, I had begun to fill my treasure chest with gifts of multi-coloured jewels, which I now share with a small world of like-minded souls. Your tribe is out there awaiting your return to the shared element, my love.

xx blueberry milk tea

Multichrome Comparison Library, Volume I: abridged + revised, sans Chanel Peridot

I went for Dance Legend Knight/The Knight as my benchmark instead, and it’s love…
There *is* no comparison — I think I’ve found my desert island varnish!


L to R:

1 – OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, bottle shot below

2 – HITS Mari Moon Trendy

3 – HITS Mari Moon Cool, bottle shot below (both revived with Seche Restore)

4 – Finger Paints Bombshell, bottle shot below

Here’s another daisy wheel for reference as we go along, in case you’ve lost track 🙂

5 – Bourjois Fashion Show a New York, bottle shot below

6 – Sinful Colors Snake It Out (magnetic snake pattern, here — since I goofed it up badly on the current wheel)

7 – Deborah Milano Shine Tech 70

8 – Maybelline Color Show LE Boho Gold

9 – Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Plume


10 – Catrice 840 Genie In The Bottle

All of the above are three coats on the nail wheel.

Sinful Colors likely has several patch jobs more; what an awful mess I made of that chip!

Such a beautiful varnish and the pattern the magnet makes is so unique — only problem is, I hit the chip with the magnet several times and painted over the pattern to repair the damage.  I couldn’t get the magnet to work its magic again after so much spackling…

Now check dis out, varnish literati.

11-13 – Dance Legend Knight/The Knight, at 1x, 2x, 3x

Then 14-16 – China Glaze Gone Glamping, at 1x, 2x, 3x

Vive la difference … gorgeousss!
xx blueberry milk tea

Polish playroom

I started out playing a game of solitaire with just a deck of peachy nudes, but this soon morphed into pulling out other long-neglected toys, which I thought to share with you…


Po de Arroz, Have a Tempura Tan-trum


Risqué Po de Arroz, OPI Have a Tempura Tan-trum


NOPI Carrie Underwood Love My Pups, Etude House Nymph Aura Glam Nail Kit – Pure Pink,  Impala Fun Rosa Candy




Essie Spin the Bottle, Maybelline Color Show Rebel Bouquet Beach Blossom




Essie Nude Beach, Bonita Once Upon a Time, Essie Perennial Chic, SH CSM Au Nature-al





NOPI Carrie Underwood Southern Charm, Wet n Wild Private Viewing, F21 L&B Peach





NOPI Who Are You Calling a Shrimp?, SH CSM Poof! Be-gonia, Loradew Better Girl 14, OPI I Eat Maine-ly Lobster





Essence C&G Boho Chic, Essence C&G Gorgeous Bling Bling, Urban Outfitters Marsala, NYX ASF Forever Young


Boho Chic, Gorgeous Bling Bling, Forever Young, all 2x



UO Marsala, NYX ASF Forever Young, 2x


xx your polish play date, blueberry milk tea

Rich girl, poor girl: going broke whilst craving watermelon?

Here is a nice and tidy solution to satisfy any pocketbook, courtesy of seasonal café culinary research:


Dior 575 Wonderland, Barry M GHS Grapefruit, Maybelline Color Show Rebel Bouquet LE 816 Rose Candy, Essence C&G The Matt 185 Candy Crush, Pop-arazzi Watermelon Spritz




Essence still holds her own among these stunners even though she’s matte.  Gorgeous finish!


Pop-arazzi has that Made in China chemical stonk, a la Kleancolor.

I only bought more of this brand cos it was on sale.


Dior Wonderland

Barry M GHS Grapefruit

Maybelline Color Show Rebel Bouquet LE Rose Candy

Essence C&G Candy Crush (matte)

Pop-arazzi Watermelon Spritz

All, 2x.

Each was fine with one coat excepting Dior, which evened out beautifully to opacity on the second coat.

Maybelline was her usual very thin formula and could have used three coats…





Dior Wonderland – $27 USD

Barry M GHS Grapefruit – $8 USD


Maybelline Color Show Rebel Bouquet LE Rose Candy – $4 USD

Essence C&G Candy Crush – $2 USD


Dior Wonderland – $27 USD

Pop-arazzi Watermelon Spritz – $1.50 USD (on sale)


There are subtle distinctions among these varnishes, but truly, the most glaring is price point.

Each is infinitely more beautiful than she appears here.  No justice done in these images.

Since there are five, I can’t wait to do a Skittles with this lineup!

It’s a good thing, as I would not know which colour to choose for my juicy bright watermelon tips craving.

xx blueberry (make mine watermelon) milk tea

Mexico, The Cookbook

Margarita Carrillo Arronte

Phaidon, 2014

Mauve + marsala masala


Above and below:  Peripera PK007 (shimmer), Essence Vintage District TE Antique Pink, Models Own Vintage Pink, Nails Inc. Bruton Street, Nails Inc. Jermyn Street



Maybelline Color Show Rebel Bouquet LE Beach Bloom (had to sneak this in cos I just got it, it’s a similar temperature to several others in this post, and I heart it!)

Essie Fondola Gondola


Above and below:  Essie Fondola Gondola, Colorama Nutriverniz Segunda Pele, Essie In Stitches, Impala Caixa de Musica, OPI Java Mauve-a, Sinful Colors Vacation Time




Petites Pink Suede + CQ Shimmering Bark (both shimmers).  This last was considered Chanel Paradoxal-ish in its heyday.


Risqué Energia, SH XW Mauve Over (prolly the most Pantone-swatch Marsala-ish), Sinful Colors Over Easy, Essence C&G What’s My Name?


Essie Angora Cardi, Impala Art Love Galeria Estilo, SH XW Get Down, OPI OPI Scores a Goal


NOPI The New Neutral, Zoya Brigitte, Essie Soiree Mauve, Essie Island Hopping


Orly Classic Contours, NOPI I Caramel About You, SH Nailgrowth Miracle Gorgeous Grape, SH CSM Clean Slate

xx blueberry milk tea

Inspiration: Mad Men – subtle lustre of the Drapers’ foyer decor

Throughout the past Season 6, this particular corner of Don’s and Megan’s Manhattan entryway (including a pair of mid-century modern swag lamps, wallpaper and foliage) is shown quite often. As a still, however, I was only able to find this image, courtesy of

Drapers' foyer

I find that stills don’t ever do justice to the images I see on screen.  I’ve gone back to these scenes again and again throughout each episode of Season 6, as I just adore the muted elegance of this corner of the Drapers’ foyer.

No Valentine, Mardi Gras or Chinese New Year-themed post just yet — I’ve been itching for a month now to attempt to mimic these tones in a manicure.  I tired out early and did a rather sloppy execution on three nails only after a thorough combing of my stash in an attempt to find varnishes that did not include any rainbow microshimmer or holographic glitter, quite a mean feat.

Essie Beyond Cozy would be perfect for this idea; unfortunately, I’ve had this varnish twice and given it away twice…

Next go-round, I’ll try this a different way with one of my Layla gold + silver shimmers, fewer taupes and no dark glitter (fungus or measles, not a good look!).  I just had to get it out of my system and experiment — here are the results of my playtime. 🙂

The blurry photo of the muted gold mini Zoya bottle (Severine) best illustrates the look I had in mind. 🙂

My varnish playmates:

Thumb, Colorama Pirlimpimpim (a real stunner, perfect in one coat but I used two. Much more flattering color for me + better formula than Chanel Quartz. If you miss the green shimmer in Quartz, just add an effect top coat!), Estessimo TiNS The Spicy Pinheel (I always thought this was a typo for Pinwheel, but I saw it translated the other day as Stiletto, which better suits the collection!) on very tips only, Maybelline Color Show LE Bronze Beam layered over TiNS.

Index, 2x OPI Designer De Better with Eliana Fashion Chrome Vibrancy dots. Dots completely unnecessary, but I was at play…

Last three fingers:

Base, Essie Tennis Corset

Flurry of dots:

Catrice SpectaculART LE Gold Leaf Top Coat
China Glaze The Giver LE Boundary of Memory (as gorgeous as this is, I need to omit it in my next attempt)
Colorama Nutriverniz Pirlimpimpim
Delicia No. 10
Eliana Fashion Chrome Vibrancy
Essence C&G 136 Love’s Recipe
Essie Show Me the Ring
Kiko Holographic 399 Silk Taupe
Maybelline Color Show LE Bronze Beam
OPI Designer De Better
Sally Hansen CSM Paparazzi
Wet n Wild LE Valet Tag
Zoya Pixie Dust Godiva
Zoya Severine mini

zou bisou bisou xx blueberry milk tea