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Endless Summer: multichrome + metallic moody oceania

… for an equally moody teenager, despondent since waves can no longer be caught whilst sitting in a classroom …

Sinful Colors, in order of their emergence on the scene and into my varnish drawers:

Gorgeous – 293

Palm Breezy – 1407

Sheer Flight (opalescent) – 1517

Kylie (denim + bling duochrome) Kameleon – 2097

Maybelline Color Show Holographic (?!?) 25 – Mystic Green

Dance Legend Mystery Collection 6 – Ghost Inside

Dior Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise Samba duo – 794

OPI S/S 2015 Hawaii – This Color’s Making Waves

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Topaz

Maybelline Color Show 700 Avante Green

H&M Lady Luck

Impala Rebelde Tweet’s

Impala Trem da Vida Verde Passaro

All first shown here

Sephora 67 Moody Woman

Misa 271 The Great Green Whatsit

Peripera P027 Metallic Green

Anny 368 Hello Hollywood

Missha HGR01

NOPI Mer-maid for Each Other (swatched with next batch on separate nail wheel since I ran out of chips)

Initially shown here, but I had inadvertently deleted the photos due to running out of space and not knowing I could purchase more :/

All swatches are two coats.

I’ll label the above photos soon, when I’m not so tired out!

NOPI Mer-maid for Each Other

Ulta Jaded

GOSH Golden Dragon

Maybelline Be Scene in Green

Ulta, GOSH and Maybelline were originally shown in this post, but those photos suffered the same ignominious fate as my other early efforts …

Dear BB, may you look back on your summer surf excursions with the same bittersweet nostalgia I feel upon plucking these oceanic beauties from their drawer … when every trip to the drugstore was an absolute delight, as the market was exploding with multichromes several years back — just as I had lost my job with scarce to no pocket money to spend on these little bottles of liquid gems. Fortunately, I had made wonderful international connections via a shared varnish passion, and many generous ladies granted my every wish and more. In spite of my long spell of unemployment, I had begun to fill my treasure chest with gifts of multi-coloured jewels, which I now share with a small world of like-minded souls. Your tribe is out there awaiting your return to the shared element, my love.

xx blueberry milk tea

Look, everyone! It’s GOSH Gasoline and Golden Dragon…

I’ve just received these in the post from Canada.  Sometimes it’s easier to spend a little more money ordering from that auction site than a lot of time haggling over trades with ornery gals [it’s always they who have the good stuff and they know it] on that makeup site.  After having my fill of back-and-forth over small cylinders o’ color, I purchased GOSH Gasoline and Golden Dragon as a package deal for not much more than retail, and shipping was gratis.

Aren’t they pretty in them thar bottles?

I didn’t really want Gasoline at the time I ordered her, but as mentioned, these came as a duo.  Now that I have swatched ‘er, she is loverly as can be.  For quite a while now, I’ve had my eyes peeled and my hands out for the discontinued Catrice Forget Me Not and Poison Me, Poison You…but why, when I have these beauties in my possession to swatch and ogle?

L to R:  Maybelline Color Show Blue Freeze, GOSH Gasoline, Barry M Vivid Purple, Paul & Joe City Never Sleeps, Sephora Collection It’s Time to Rock!

Next up, Golden Dragon.  I like this much more on the nail wheel than in the bottle.  I was a little disappointed when I first saw it, in spite of its golden shimmer veining.  This was the polish I actually placed my Canadian order for — Mr. Golden Dragon.  And now that I’ve swatched it, I truly value it as golden in my massively overwhelming [or overwhelmingly massive] collection.

But guess what?  Early this year, I traded with a superb lady who gave me Maybelline Be Scene in Green as an extra.  It is almost an exact twin to GOSH Golden Dragon — perhaps a bit more aqua-turquoise and shimmery than Golden Dragon, but just a bit.  [N.B. Golden Dragon appears in these photos to be the bluer of the two, but this is an illusion fostered by my camera.] In the bottle, they even have the same veins of gold running through them.

On Golden Dragon’s left is Ulta Jaded.  This polish was a joy to work with and equally joyful to behold.  I thought if I didn’t swatch it here, I might not get around to it, as I have some fifty greens to show off in the near future, and this one is neither here nor there.  Ulta Jaded needs more love — online swatches I’ve viewed don’t do it justice, and the formula is top notch.  Available for a mere $2 USD, if your retail stars are in alignment with the store marketers’.

Other GOSH polishes I own:

Holographic [which reminds me of model paint in its powdery application and finish]

Purple Heart [which I will display soon in its corresponding multichrome comparison library volume]

GOSH polishes I want:

Frou Frou! Ocean! Come to mama milk tea!