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Understated British pageantry, Part II



Models Own HyperGel – Paradise Pink, Nails Inc. The Perfect Nude – Elizabeth Mews


Nails Inc. The Perfect Nude – Charlotte Street, Rimmel Salon Pro – Chic Chick, Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora – Let’s Get Nude


Rimmel Salon Pro – Soul Session, Rimmel 60 Seconds – Caramel Cupcake


Models Own HyperGel – Naked Glow, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine – Lychee


Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Almond, Burberry Ash Rose


Barry M Cappuccino, Burberry Dusky Mauve


xx blueberry milk tea

Understated British pageantry, Part I


White Horse Street, Savoy Place, Porchester Square


Porchester Square, Porcini, Midsummer Mauve


White Horse Street, Savoy Place, Porchester Square


Porchester Square, Porcini, Midsummer Mauve




The other similar shades on this wheel are all Polish brands … lately I’ve had a *thing* for neutrals a la the three OPI Brazilians and have found the easiest way to deal with my already vast collection of variations on Bossa Nova, Taupeless and Sao Paulo is to divvy them up by country of origin, lol.

This method still doesn’t prevent me from fruitlessly hankering after the following *true* Brazilians:

Ana Hickmann Coffee Shop
Anita Café com Leite
Finaflor Amarula
Hits Speciallita Pop Up Store Filippa
Top Beauty Bandida, Lencol de Seda, Pacoca

xx blueberry milk tea

New in: Sunday shenanigans

Amassing and amassing… meanwhile, can’t help but notice how pretty the new members look gathered ’round and want to share the beauty in a post here at the café.

It then occurred to me I might give some cohesion to the recent arrivals via one brand, also just arrived a few months ago.

It worked out perfectly!

Deborah Lippmann shall do the honours of helping me organize my thoughts. 🙂

Prelude to a Kiss, Shape of My Heart, Fashion, Break 4 Love

Above and below, 025 Tigress and 026 Kitten Claws, from 2012 Spring Creation, Miaou!

(I used to have 027 Manekineko, the third varnish from this collection, but gifted it to a little girl who I hope will enjoy it more than I… )

Above and below, Models Own HyperGel Paradise Pink and Midsummer Mauve

Above and below, the inimitable Mavala.

I know of only one brick-and-mortar shop in my city that carries this brand, and their expensive stock is old and limited.

I was prepared to pay full price for this pair, but it turned out they were 20% off. 🙂

Above, Paul & Joe 08 Flamingo Pink and Barry M Pink Flamingo

(Barry M is not new-to-me, but P&J is, so what better varnish to choose as a mate than a reverse namesake?)

Now, where might I be headed with this playtime session?

Here’s the beginning of the lineup, above and below.

Reverse order, above, 3x each

Prelude to a Kiss, Paradise Pink, Shape of My Heart

Kitten Claws, Midsummer Mauve

Tigress, Fashion

All, 3x above (and below)…

The six neutrals to the right above are residuals from this post

Don’t you agree that Essie Jazz and Barry M Pink Flamingo (at about 2 o’clock above) would make a great reverse French in combination?

xx blueberry milk tea

What’s cooking?

Culinary works in progress in the café kitchen…

Kitchen works in progress (3)

A new comparison, as I’ve since got my hands on Dior 545 Psychedelic Orange and others…

1 – OPI Live. Love. Carnaval

2 – Dior 545 Psychedelic Orange

3 – OPI Mod-ern Girl

4 – WnW Heatwave

5 – Paul & Joe Midnight Sangria Summer 2015 – Annatto

6 – American Apparel Poppy

7 – Bourjois Prepp’ hibiscus

I reallyreally want to buy Chanel Coquelicot so I can stick ‘er next to AA Poppy and see how two namesakes compare…

But after amassing the bunch above (and I have so. many. more. PFFs. to add to these, gah!), it’s already too overwhelming to consider.

I’m holding off on showing the comparison I did above in greater detail until Dior 638 Aloha arrives from Germany (along with three other Dior Vernis travel mates).

Now I don’t feel compelled to repurchase Chanel Holiday, something I would be loathe to do!

Kitchen works in progress

Also on the boil are (more) pink + orange + red holos…

1 – Color Club Cloud Nine

2 – Jade New Collection Aurora

3 – Dance Legend Spectrum

4 – Jade New Collection Sunset

5 – Layla Red Taboo (from cilucia‘s blog sale a while back)

Kitchen works in progress (2)

Newly-arrived Brits simmering on a slow flame…

1 – Models Own Midsummer Mauve

2 – Models Own Paradise Pink

3 – Barry M Textured Nail Effect Duchess

Just drooling over these and cannot wait to taste!!!

Kitchen works in progress (5)

Intended as the 4th of July plat du jour, but it’s been in the warmer so long that I definitely missed that dinner party…

1 – Essence Effect Nail Polish – Baby, You’re a Firework

2 – OPI Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

3 – OPI Katy Perry – The One That Got Away

4 – OPI Katy Perry – Not Like the Movies

5 – OPI Katy Perry – Last Friday Night

I was feeling really blah about the nail collections I’ve seen of late, and was nostalgically looking to regain my mojo.

Katy Perry does that for me; her music (much to the chagrin of my teenaged son) as well as her OPI collection.

The mere act of swatching the KP members I have (sans black shatter) brought back all of the bright and shiny newness of entering into nail varnish addiction.

Kitchen works in progress (4)

Last but certainly not least (actually, this was a major holdup as it just arrived in the post today) is (1) Dance Legend Chameleon – The Knight.

The label is Russian-only, and I’ve seen the name both ways in English (Knight, The Knight).  I don’t know if definite articles exist in Russian…

This is a varnish I never thought I would see in real life.

Since blueberry milk tea is three years old this month, I thought to do (and will, now that The Knight is here!) a series of nostalgic posts harking back to 2012, 2013, 2014 and what was the featured dish here in July of each of those years.

The first thing I did was gather all of my Chanel Peridot PFFs, since that was my very first post, as well as the first volume of the Multichrome Comparison Library.

But I no longer have the grandmama Chanel, and really do not like her enough to repurchase at scalper prices.

Enter DL The Knight, an ingredient I absolutely adore… and she (well, he…) was in stock online for once!

So here you have a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what’s cooking on all burners in the café kitchen.

xx blueberry milk tea *wiping hands on varnish- and acetone-stained apron*

Summertime blues

foto 2 foto 1 foto 4

There are two different Sinful Shine Al Fresco bottles here; one leans decidedly more purple than the other, although they bear the same shade number 1219…

xx blueberry milk tea

Summer, just around the corner…












China Glaze – Celtic Sun (neon)
Dance Legend Malibu series – Baywatch (pink), Humaliwo (mint), Piña Colada (pastel orange)
Flower – Tiger Lily
L’Apogee Be Happy – Cupcake (bit of shimmer)
Models Own Hyper Gel – Cerise Shine
Nature Republic – 03 (neon)
Nicole by OPI – Simply Sub-lime
NYC – Penn Station Pink
Paul & Joe Summer 2015 – 008 Dragon Fruit (pink), 009 Bitter Lime (yellow green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Pop of Pink
Urban Outfitters – Bandeau (dark purple neon), Hot Tub (searing pink neon)

xx blueberry milk tea *wearing sunglasses indoors*

More mauve + marsala masala

Skull + pitbull

More mm masala

I had finished up yesterday’s post more than slightly dismayed at how poorly the images represent the true colours.  Those bottles all look so much prettier lined up in real life, as does the shiny pinky peachy pouch from H&M shown in the background… in photos, it appears wrinkled, dingy and messy.

Lately I am loving (even more than usual, that is — I’ve been a hoarder of Chloe and See by Chloe designs since forever) the colours in the Chloe lineup of fragrances, especially the shade of the ribbon on the Roses de Chloe bottle.

On my last visit to H&M, there was a faux fur top on the racks in that colour family.  Although it was on sale for $20 USD, I couldn’t justify the purchase (even to use as a sort of bed pillow cover in spring and summer), cos it has been so hot here in the past few years that I actually sold off all of my faux furs (not to mention that I just bought a real marabou coat from Topshop, which is so impractical for my lifestyle I will likely never wear it, so I leave it hung up on a clothes rack in my bedroom so I can admire at all times its airy texture and colour shift from warm pinky nude to taupe to lilac to cool lavender, depending on the light).

I’m waiting to finish my purse spray of Chloe EdP to purchase a full bottle of that, and have yet to sniff the actual juice of Roses de Chloe EdT before springing for a bottle.

Meanwhile, in order for my retinas to get their fill of my current colour crush, I seek my usual alternative in this regard:  nail varnish.

After finishing yesterday’s post, I realized I had left out Paul & Joe 04, Figue, since it lives in a different section of my bedroom than the Alex condo.

Then, on a visit to Nature Republic, I was introduced to two of their new shades, 31 & 32, which both appear much browner here (especially 31) than they really are.  They fit perfectly in the marsala masala lineup.

I reincluded SH XW Mauve Over + Models Own Vintage Pink, since they are practically poster children for a Pantone swatch of Marsala…

Although I daresay Nature Republic 32 is even closer, since it’s less pink and more brown-orange than those two, but still maintains a definite rosiness.

I plan to do a Skittles with these five as my Sunday evening mani.

xx blueberry milk tea

P.S.  Prepared blueberry milk tea is, funnily enough, the colour of Models Own Vintage Pink (at least it is at the tea shop where I buy it).  When I first started the nail café, I considered MO Vintage Pink, with a layer of L.A. Girls Glitter Addict Uninhibited (all black glitter of varying size to represent the boba) to be the signature manicure on the menu, but I never got round to putting up the café menu!  Soon.  🙂