PFF Series: smoky purple greys, final batch

Again, for alelvi123.  Ou es-tu, ma cherie?

Initiated here, unseasonably, between Spring and Summer 2014, so I put it on hiatus until now. 🙂


China Glaze The Giver LE Release, acquired much later than the others and added here at the last minute since she is so pretty.  Much cooler and more purple than the rest of the bottles…

Nuance Salma Hayek Evening Haze

Confetti Moonstruck

Mavala Elle


Finger Paints Masterpiece of Minimalism

Tony Moly TR09, has a name but I cannot remember it

Nina Ultra Pro Never Glum Plum

Icing Swept Away


Impala Jackie, leans brown and is the lightest of this bunch

Sinful Colors Mauvelous

Sinful Colors Muse – this one came onto the SC scene first and Mauvelous is its PFF

Essie Smokin’ Hot


Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Grey Area

Model’s Own Purple Grey

OPI I Brake for Manicures


1 – China Glaze The Giver LE Release

2 – Nuance Salma Hayek Evening Haze

3 – Confetti Moonstruck

4 – Mavala Elle

5 – Finger Paints Masterpiece of Minimalism

6 – Tony Moly TR09, has a name but I cannot remember it

7 – Nina Ultra Pro Never Glum Plum

8 – Icing Swept Away (I will miss you, old Icing bottles and content…)



Declared PFFs in extremis: all five on the left side with exception of the first and last, as they lean more brown.

All nail wheel swatches are two coats each, with exception of Impala Jackie, at three coats, and she’s still lighter than the other members of her peer group.

xx blueberry milk tea

A Sunday at the bistrot








Maybelline Color Show The Nudes Naturally Cream, for those who prefer a splash of coffee with their cream

Colorama Cashmere, if you take milk and sugar in your cuppa joe


Offering up to café patrons:

Amarula, liqueur/cider distilled from the African marula plant

Hot Chocolate



Above and below:  Sation Bumpin’ Beige, Cappuccino, Café con Leche



Above and below, SH CSM Boca Mocha, Catrice Bruno Brownani.  Zoya Cola also fits in this menu, but I couldn’t find her in the kitchen…



Would you prefer Thai tea…


Green tea (Pixel Show Me the $, dupe for Essie Absolutely Shore)…


Or perhaps milk tea…



…with boba?


Illamasqua Raindrops…


…to accompany the jazz (Risqué New York Jazz, Essie Jazz mini) playing softly in the background…


…as you sip your order contentedly and enjoy the current gallery installation?

xx blueberry milk tea

PFF Series: OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around & fellow pale rosy taupes

Agh! Why are these shades suddenly so hard to describe?


Impala Disco Patins, OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Impala Le Rose, SH CSM Gray-t Escape, Tony Moly Milk Tea, Orly Dare to Bare, Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days


Impala Le Rose and SH CSM Gray-t Escape were inadvertently left out of this Valentine post.


Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days looks greyer than the rest and indeed she is… but she fits in better with this group than any other upcoming…


Indoors, same order as first photo.



L to R, 2x each:

1 – Impala Disco Patins

2 – OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around

3 – Impala Le Rose

4 – SH CSM Gray-t Escape

5 – Tony Moly Milk Tea

6 – Orly Dare to Bare

7 – Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days


Much of the purpose of my swatching efforts this weekend was to cull favorites from the PFFs and reduce overwhelming quantity of similarities, but the conclusion I’ve drawn instead thus far is that I need them all… 🙂

Certainly to be continued… these need to be finished once and for all so I can add more volumes to the multichrome library!

xx blueberry milk tea

PFF Series: Opaque + chic neutral cremes

I braved a mall today, from where I inevitably return home with buyer’s remorse, no matter how much restraint I exercise when shopping.  While there, if something catches my eye, I tend to buy it in spite of the aforementioned usual regret — I’m there so infrequently and don’t want to feel compelled to return any time soon because I can’t stop thinking of an item I should have picked up when I had the chance.

Enter Icing by Claire’s Posh Princess.

Posh Princess 1 Posh Princess 2

Now, I was SO good at my first retail stop, Forever 21. I had both hands full with four indie-esque glitter varnishes, but didn’t leave the store with them, reminding myself how F21 varnishes always look so tempting in-store yet don’t work for me when I get home. Claire’s had an oh-so-subtle whited petal pink varnish [Sugar On Top] that was causing heightened endorphins, but the store was teeming with schoolgirls on a field trip, and I felt embarrassed to even be among them, especially since the amount of our pocket money is likely equal at this stage of my budget.  On to the relatively grown-up Icing by Claire’s where, bathed in the glow of their deceptive lighting, I caved. For one bottle and one bottle only!

Posh Princess 3

Posh Princess 4

Contrary to my forehead-smacking upon arriving home and suddenly remembering a few varnishes in my drawer that I thought could be PFFs, turns out they are very, very different. Let’s take a look:

L to R:  Icing by Claire's Posh Princess, CQ Vintage, F21 Love & Beauty Natural, Paul & Joe 28 Baby Doll, Tony Moly ND05 Milk Tea, Catrice Fabulous 40ties LE C04 The Nude Scene

L to R: Icing by Claire’s Posh Princess, CQ Vintage, F21 Love & Beauty Natural, Paul & Joe 28 Baby Doll, Tony Moly ND05 Milk Tea, Catrice Fabulous 40ties LE C04 The Nude Scene

Tony Moly Milk Tea is the varnish I had imagined [and worried about] as a PFF to Posh Princess. PP, however, is a bone that leans very grey, with even a few yellowgreen drops. Sounds gross, right? Pretty pretty pretty! Tony Moly is over on the side of the mauve-y pinks, ‘cos it has more of those tones…

Posh Princess 6

Posh Princess 7

Isn’t it amazing how utterly distinct these look in their lovely bottles versus on the nail wheel?

Posh Princess 8

I’ll be gifting/exchanging F21 Love & Beauty as well as Paul & Joe and Tony Moly, based on their performance/appearance on the nail wheel.

Posh Princess 9

CQ Vintage leans lilac [might have included her in the prior PFF series] and Catrice The Nude Scene is misleading… she’s a chic light mauve.

No regrets putting this princess in my polish purse!

No regrets adding this princess to my polish purse!

2012 A Space Odyssey

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dedicated to my favourite Martian [cadet initials SR], with an astronomical affection that spans the cosmos!

Space travelers missing from this journey:


American Apparel space-themed glitters
Big Universo Faculas Solares series
China Glaze Sci-Fi
Color Club Space Case
Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe
Koh Purple Universe
Revlon Celestial FX


Chanel 92 Luna
Collistar Luna
Deborah Lippmann Moon Dance
Deborah Lippmann Moon Rendezvous
Estessimo TiNS – Fly Me to the Moon
Impala – Luna
Mavala 161 Moon Grey
Max Factor Max Effect 42 Moon Dust
NYX Girls – Under the Moon
P2 Galactic collection – Fly Me to the Moon
Revlon Moon Candy series
Sally Hansen CSM – Shoot the Moon
Zoya Luna [likely the most unique polish I’ve ever seen…]


China Glaze Cosmic
Jordana – Cosmic
Max Factor Max Effect – Meteorite
Maybelline Express Finish Cosmic Flash
Orly Cosmic FX Halley’s Comet
Orly Cosmic FX It’s Not Rocket Science
Orly Cosmic FX Lunar Eclipse
Orly Cosmic FX Out of this World
W7 – 71 Cosmic Purple, 73 Cosmic Green
W.I.P. Cosmic


Big Universo – Andromeda
Innisfree Andromeda glitter
L.A. Girls – Supernova
Leighton Denny Your Planet or Mine?
Ludurana Aurora Boreal collection
Ludurana Supernova – Celestial, Estrela, Galaxia, Orion
Misslyn – Blue Planet
Miss Sporty Metal Flip – Aurora Borealis
Miss Sporty Metal Shine – Planet Pink
Rococo Nail Apparel – Andromeda (holo)


GOSH Galaxy
IsaDora Black Galaxy
Jade Diamond – Galaxy
Layla CE 54 Green Galaxy
Mavala 2003 Galaxy collection of flakies: Agena, Antares, Capella, Canopus, Orion, Vega


Catrice Million Styles Return of Space Cowboys
Catrice Out of Space LE Houston’s Favorite
Layla CE 55 Space Cowboy
NYX Girls Deep Space


Misa Beyond Infinity
Misa Shields Up


China Glaze Celtic Sun
China Glaze Meteor Shower
China Glaze Shooting Stars
Deborah Milano Pret a Porter – Celestial Sky, Stardust
Deborah Shine Tech 70 Scarabeo Twinkle Star
Essie Starry Starry Night
Estessimo TiNS – All Night Stars
Koh Black Stars!
Koh Green Stardust
Misslyn Future Glam Kollektion – 753 Stardust Top Coat
MUA Nail Constellation series
Rescue Beauty Lounge – Under the Stars
Risque Isabeli Fontana – Star
Risque Niasi Color Effect – Chao de estrelas
Tony Moly GS08 Milky Way
Tony Moly GS09 Shooting Star


Layla Mercury Twilight
Tony Moly GT04 Neptune & GT05 Jupiter
W7 – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn


China Glaze Hologlam 2013:
Cosmic Dust
Don’t Be a Lunatic
Galactic Grey
Get Outta My Space
Infra Red
Not in this Galaxy
Sci-Fly by
Strap on Your Moonboots
Take A Trek
When Stars Collide


Manhattan Spring 2013 Supernova trio:
Metallic Moon
Rising Star
Lacque Hole


Any black holes in the above compilation? Feel free to add your own cosmic dust via a comment!

Nicole by OPI Fall 2012 Target exclusive – For Gold Times’ Sake

This collection is not supposed to be available until August 1, 2012, in Target stores only. I found mine, however, hiding out on a recessed, dim bottom shelf almost two weeks earlier. Way to go with the merchandising, Target! Make us old ladies hit the floor and dig in the dust bunnies to unearth these treasures…

When I discovered this, I clutched it to my chest like a newborn and carried it around the store for a good hour, only stopping to examine its splendor in the high fluorescent lighting and convince myself that I really DO need another rendition of Chanel Graphite, albeit with multichrome flash and predominant twinkly bright blue, pink and yellowgold microglitter. Yeah, baby! MY baby!

L to R: Essence Rich & Pretty, Color Club Snakeskin, NOPI For Gold Times’ Sake, OPI Number One Nemesis, SOPI Absinthe Makes the Heart, OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, SOPI 212-Sephora, Tony Moly GT03 Mars

Other variations on this theme:

BeYu 330
Chanel Graphite
Deborah Lippmann Chain Reaction
Estée Lauder Explosif
Gosh Galaxy
Jessica Smoky Feather
L’oreal Valiant
Lumene Trouble Maker
Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve
Zoya FeiFei

All the Office Ladies, OL OL OL…

[Sung to the tune of Beyonce, Single Ladies…]

If you work in a conservative environment and would like some suggestions to prevent your manicure from putting you to sleep on the job, this one’s for you!

Pay Days Are Happy Days, Coffee Pick Me Up, Paint My Nails @ Work, Working Hard or Hardly Working, Grey Matters, Spaced Out

Some shimmer to brighten your workday!

Tony Moly ND05 Milk Tea and TR09 Deep Purple

Pay Days Are Happy Days, Coffee Pick Me Up, Paint My Nails @ Work, Working Hard or Hardly Working, Iced Age Reloaded, Skyscraper, Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah!, It’s A Snow-Woman’s World, Grey Matters, Spaced Out, Milk Tea, Deep Purple

Please let me know if you would like to see a varnish in greater detail.
Very truly yours,
Blueberry Milk Tea