Uslu Airlines varnish hangar


Faye Wong in Chungking Express (film still copied from

ABS – Abu Simbel (Bernhard Willhelm collaboration)
ACE – Arrecife
CMB – Bandaranayake
DFW – Fort Worth
DLL – Dillon
DRS – Dresden
GEL – Sepe Tiaraju
ITA – Itacoatiara
LAX – Los Angeles (Bernhard Willhelm collaboration)
LCY – London City
LED – Pulkova
LEIB – Ibiza
KBJ – Kings Canyon
MYK – May Creek
NIM – Niamey
OSM – Mosul (Bernhard Willhelm collaboration), shown here
PEK – Peking
PSP – Palm Springs
QBC – Bella Coola
SBT – San Bernardino (Bernhard Willhelm collaboration), shown here
TXL – Berlin Tegel
USH – Islas Malvinas
WIC – Wick
ZRH – Zurich Kloten (DJ collaboration with Headman)

Uslu Airlines varnishes hail from Germany.  I gasped anew upon pulling each one out of its box.  These shades are worth every pretty penny paid.  If you can get your hands on this brand (or even better, this brand on your hands), don’t miss your flight — wherever the terminal of your choosing!

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